Help with amps & speakers PLEASE!


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I'm trying to decide between NAD C162/C272, Comparable Rotel, or Musical Fidelity X-150.
Also, for speakers: Monitor Audio Silver RS6, Kef 1Q5, Ker Q7, or any others up to $1600 (cheaper if poss.) I had NAD but returned due to defects, so dependability is of concern. However, I did like the sound. Have not heard Musical fidelity, but reviews sound good-can't find dealer in my area to audition. If anyone has had experience with any of these I would appreciate any feedback. Also, does wattage make a difference when driving speakes rated at 6ohms vs. 8ohms? Thank you.

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Bill, take a deep breath.
Unless you buy like me(on impulse and with a vias card), you will be fine. OK?

You must decide on what type of sound to fill what type of room.

You may have done this already, but planning ahead is worth maybe thousands, trust me.

Take advantage of other peoples mistakes, that's why we all here.

Breathe annoying isnt it?

Some sellers will give you the same feeling.

Bill, go in with a clear picture of what you want to achieve, the sound you like and want, and follow it.

This stuff gets$$nuts pretty quickly, but if you follow your course, you will find it!

6 and 8 ohm speakers are normal, if you want to push the volume and $ a bit, H/K and Nad will drive 4 ohm speakers quite well.
My experience is with PSB and Paradigm, both 4ohm.

These types of speakers will push a good amp(Rotel 985 for me), into high power, and will fill your room, home, and half of your block into street party mode.

This type of equipment is not necessary, by any means for good sound, but acts like a bridge, IMHO, into 'next level' of spending. Regardless of sound, another level of spending.

Quality or enjoyment is hard to measure.
Sure, there are SPL meters to set up a 'proper' speaker arrangement.

Is it proper for you?
You tell me.

Bucks dont guarantee what you want(I can put that in writing), a good reputable dealer is worth his/her weight in gold.
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