Stereo amp or multi channel amp?


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Hi everyone, I am still in the process of building my HT, as of now I have a 5.1 setup driven with a Pio VSX-45 TX, and it is an ok system....but, I own several hundred CD's and I would really go back to some decent Stereo listening (no stereophile)just love to listen to music. What would anyone recommend to do? Get one 2 channel amp for stereo only, and possible another 3 channel amp for center and rears, or get a 5 channel amp? I would also like to use Pio for now as processor, any thoughts?


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I would probably plump for a dedicated CD player into the analogue inputs on your HT receiver. They tend to sound better that way. Then at some stage add a 2-channel integrated amp or a far superior (musically) HT receiver to preserve the signal coming through. Connect the CD player directly to the 2-channel amp for pure stereo unencumbered by extra electronics. For ease of use, the 2-channel amp should have a unity gain or bypass feature so the HT receiver can use ut as a power amp.


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Hi Frank, thanks for the reply. Since I own an older model DVD player (5 years) I am planning to replace it with the new Pio 79 avi for music and DVD ( has separate circuits for music and good DAC's). My Pio reciever has a "stereo direct" mode which should allow the signal to pass unprocessed to the pre-outs and then into the amp. Here is my question though, how will this affect volume control if my surrounds and center will still be driven by the reciever? and also, how will I controll the volume if later i choose to add another 3 or 5 channel amp ( to make it 7.1)

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