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OK i just picked up a Pioneer vsx515 and when i plug it into my dvd player using the Coaxial connection it doesnt recognize DD or DTS encoding. Rather it just says it sees a digital signal, nothing else. I put a couple different Dolby 5.1 dvds in and the display just read 'digital'. At first i was using just an rca cable to connect the coax out to the input on the reciever. So i went and bought a 'digital' coax and this problem still persists. Anybody got an idea as to whats up with this thing?

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Did you have another receiver connected to the same DVD player beforehand? Did the old receiver detect DTS and DD from the digital interface of the DVD player? If not, you may have to switch on the PCM outputs of the DVD player and set the player up to output DTS and DD.


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Thanks for the reply!
This is the first time i have hooked up a reciever to this dvd player. Would the switch be external or a setting within the dvd player's software?


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try seeing if your DVD player has switchable digital signal types. recievers won't recognize surround info on DVDs if your players is sending a PCM signal. dolby digital etc. and DTS require that your player is sending in bitstream mode.

i have an onkyo DVD player that i originally had set to PCM mode to brighten the treble on my NAD reciever a little. when i finally got my onkyo surround reciever and hooked the player up via coax, i couldn't get any sound until i switched the output back to bitstream.

that's pretty much the same thing that JV is saying, but on my onkyo player, there was a seperate button on the remote for digital mode switching and bitstream was the needed format. i didn't have a DTS option that other gear might use. on the sony DVD player that i just bought, there are several digital audio variables in the menu section.

if you're trying to listen to DVD-As or SACDs through a coax, you might not get anything via coax. most manufacturers either downsample high res audio via coax or mute it altogether like my sony does. SACD needs to be sent via analogue outs.

another possibility is that you may need to configure your reciever's input. on most surround recievers, you can specify if your DVD input is digital, analogue in or even analogue multichannel.

you might even need to tell your reciever that the DVD player is a SPECIFIC digital in when configuring the input. you might have to specify coax 1, coax 2, HDMI or optical etc.

in the future, when you need a digital cable, you can get the same type of cable (2000 ohm) using a generic yellow tipped video cable. video and digital require resistence to filter RF interference out. if you have a digital cable already, that can't be the problem.

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