What speakers should I look at ?


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I Have a Yamaha HTR-5150 Receiver Looking for good quality speakers on a budget I am retired cant invest a lot of mmoney and
In the Forums is there Classifieds for Items you might want to sell?

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Dude check these out. I have them and they are well worth every penny of $60! Not the highest quality, but that will give you some time to shop aorund.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Boston-Acoustics-A70-Speakers-Good-shape-Great-sound_W0QQite mZ5825010533QQcategoryZ14993QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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How much is the budget?
What is available in your area?
Are you willing to use internet direct?

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not only that, it would help to know what kind of sound you're after. some people like a big robust bass and chose ported woofers. others, like me consider ported woofers to be slow resonance boxes and go with sealed speakers for more speed and detail.

there are a bunch of audio camps based on what one's preferences are. if you're a diehard imaging freak, you'd probably prefer minimonitors, but if you need weight and impact, you'd prefer large full range speakers.

minimonitors and subs probably offer the best bang for your buck with the added benefit that you can tune your bass to your room more precisely.

i'd been an acoustic suspension minimonitor fan for 20 years, but fell in love with the sound of magnepan planars when i heard them. they are super fast and detailed and everything from bass guitars and drums to piano and especially vocals just sound so much more like the real thing.

the downside to maggies though is that they're power hungry 4 ohm divas that USED to require expensive amplification or *gag* NAD high current gear, but now panasonic SA-XR class-d recievers are out that can handle the loads. i like my SA-XR55 ($240 delivered, but available for $220) so much, that i'm no longer looking at the MMGs that i originally bought it for to begin with.

i think you'd be hard pressed to beat a $550 pair of maggies on a panasonic SA-XR reciever (possibly with a sub if you need a gut massage) with a monarchy DIP2496 to reduce digital jitter and upsample 16/44 tp 24/96 following a behringer DCX2496 electronic crossover/ room correction unit and bypassing the maggie crossovers while tuning your in room response to +-1dB.

this is what i was planning on when i bought my panasonic, but it spanks my onkyo so much in every way, that i'm happy with my old superzeros that sound much better than i thought they ever could.

there is no pat answer to your question though. if everyone shared the same priorities, there wouldn't be seperate camps that all think theirs is the bast way.

just as food for thought, read up on this MMG review:

then read this DEQ2496 review. (it's just for room correction. the DCX model does that and has a digital crossover too)

as to panasonic SA-XR (10, 20, 30, 45, 50, 55 & 70) reviews, you'll need to use a search engine and scour some forums, but i'm starting to see more and more people catching on to "class-d on the cheap".

if you want to spend even more money if maggies sound interesting to you, many people say that tube amps and planars are the best match.

here's a brief list of speaker brands that have a high bang for the buck ration along with a few reviews at different price points.

value speaker brands:
boston acoustics
cambridge sound works
definative technology

specific models & reviews at different prices:

Athena AS-B1 $150 minimonitors get thumbs up
they're available at audio advisor for just $100 a pair.

The Celestion F15 $220 bookshelf speakers get a favorable review

Axiom Audio Millennia M40Ti $275 floorstander

Epos ELS-3 $320 minimonitors. Stereophile magazine really liked these minimonitors and rated them "class-c" over speakers 3 times their price in their buyer's guide issue.

Paradigm Esprit v.3 $400 floor stander RAVE

Magnepan MMG $550 factory direct planar speakers are probably the best "bang for the buck" speakers which are capable of embarassing speakers 10 times their price. they're just fussy about amplification at 4 ohms and require 100 watts minimum too. now that panasonic is selling 100wpc class-d recievers (SA-XR series) it's possible to get a quality maggie friendly amp for $300 or less.

Wharfdale Diamond 9.6 $800 tower gets a rave

Pinnacle Classic Gold Reference $900 list wins a shootout vs. B&W, Monitor Audio & Paradigm

more than anyone's recommendations, try to get out and listen to a variety of speakers yourself to hear what you do and don't like. alot of people recommend speakers that are ported, but i hate ports like poison. your ears must decide what's best in the long run.

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