12V Trigger subtitute ?


I would like to have my amp turn on when I power up my receiver. Unfortunatly my dennon 2802 does not have a 12v trigger. I thought of plugging the amp into the switched outlet on the back of the receiver but the switched outlet says "max 200 watts". Is there something I can buy or hook up to the switched outlet that would trigger the amp to turn on when it was plugged into its own power source?

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I had the same problem with my Receiver and power amplifier control. Unfortunately I don't know a system that you can buy to solve it. By the other hand I'm building a simple solution do solve this problem. Let's say that you don't need anything sophisticated to put the things to work. I'll try to describe how you can build a simple switch system.
The system is the same used internally in any receivers that have a switched mains power outputs (outlets). To build this you only need to buy a metallic box, a power relay, cables and plugs and little patience. You can ask for electrician help to built it. You only need to specify the power relay adequately (taking in account the total power that you want to switch, you can turn on a lot of things together too) and take some care with the ground connections.
The concept is simple: use the switched outlet of your receiver to switch an auxiliary relay (the power relay consumes no more than 0,1 A / ~ 25W) and then connect the input of the power relay to the main power outlet and the output to the power cord of your power amplifier. That's it. When you turn on your receiver the power relay will switch too feeding the power cord of your power amplifier (you only must to let the power switch of the amplifier in the "on" position every time). When you turn of the receiver the power relay will down tuning of the power amplifier.
Hope that it can help you.

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The same idea, but with Solid State Relays.
Use the switched out of the amp to power 3,4,5 SSR's in a heat sink box, with outputs wired to outlets on the box.
Be sure the circuit for the power supply to the box is within the regular 15Amp capacity.
Larger(like mine) are wired to a separate 20Amp supply, with appropriate 10g wiring.

Be sure to use heat-sink compound for the SSR's.

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you can also create a 12v trigger with a power supply(like from a cell phone or computer adapter) to feed the other pieces
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