PLEASE HELP!!! I don't know what I'm doing!!


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Okay, so I have a 200 watt amp with four 1/4" loudspeaker outputs (two left and two right), and below the outputs, it says:

100W/ 4 ohms per channel
80W/ 8 ohms per channel

And the speaker cabinet I want to connect it to has two 1/4" in/outputs (left, right) at 8 ohms each...

1. How many speaker cables do I need to hook it up properly? One? Two?

2. Is 4 ohms better than 8 ohms?

I want to be able to run all 200 watts, and I don't wanna blow anything up.. Thanks, I appreciate anyone who can help me out.

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"And the speaker cabinet I want to connect it to has two 1/4" in/outputs (left, right) at 8 ohms each"

Just plug one left into left and 1 right into right and that's it!

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I have a Yamaha power amp from the early 80. I've been told that I need a pre-amp or a mixer in order for the amp to function properly. I'm using an old EQ presently. I have a newer Kenwood reciver that I use for souround sound(VR-407) will the reciver work as a pre-amp?. If so how do I hook'em up?

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All Thumbs,

It depends upon what you're trying to do and whether you're trying to hook up a multi-channel set-up for your Home Theater or a 2 channel set-up for stereo and how many channels the Yamaha amp and VR-407 are set-up to use.

If you're looking for the Yamaha power amp to run your front 2 channels, you can look on the back of the receiver and see if it says pre/pro or "pre-out" or something similar and it should be an RCA connection. You run this RCA cable from the VR-407 pre "out" to the pre/pro "in" on the Yamaha power amp.

Then, you will need to run audio cables from the front left and right "out" on the VR-407 to the left and right "in" on the Yamaha amp (assuming its a Yamaha stereo amp) and then you'll run your speaker wire from the left terminal "out" on the amp to your front left speaker and do the same for your front right speaker.

You now have the Yamaha amp driving your fronts in your HT system. If this isn't what you're looking for, you'll need to be more specific about what you're trying to do. Good luck, Dave.
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