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Which amp do I choose for my new speakers?Nuck13
YBA 3 amp and preampNuck5
Need Help! Connecting Hi Fi speakers to amp.esowden5
Denon/cerwin vega new set upJan Vigne17
Do preamps affect your bass or treble power? esowden35
Amp to push 2,500watt rms sub in my homeNuck5
Amps for Small Speakers?leo stierer24
New Amp or Just Go with New Powered Speakers?Jan Vigne2
SpeakersJan Vigne2
Dim Display on Bose Lifestyle 30Jan Vigne8
Plate Amp QuestionJan Vigne6
Pro amp helpJan Vigne8
Help with setting out sound system for lounge/nightclubGavin6
Can you hook up an amp to a reciever to get more watts. if soo how....Nuck19
Teac Protect and electrical noise Solved Michael1
Rega briojezcook8
Power Amp Connection to Integrated AmpJan Vigne2
SCOTT Stereo Receiver 330RL Problem : No FM - Thanks for any helpUnic1
Marantz SR-7001 Multi-Room Connection and Setup Kistle1
Amp BuildNuck9
45 ohm intercom/music system but speakers are 8 ohmJan Vigne4
First correct answerNuck62
Audible / Measurable?Jan Vigne5
Dead Pioneer VSX-919AH-KNuck2
Rotel RB-1090 vs Parasound Halo A21Stephen Urquhart16
Hegel H20Milind1
Need help with amp selections! Newb!!!Nuck11
Amp helpliamd8
Free BeerNick Belsky51
Would separate ampsbe worth the $David Mitchell13
Questions about Amps!David Mitchell28
Problem with Marantz 2270Nuck5
Audiomagus bites the dustGeorge8
NAD 214 vs. 325beeDavid Mitchell17
Connecting speakersAhmed Nadeem8
Nad 3130David Mitchell14
Well, they're here!Art77
Marantz mm9000 questionmikepratt3
Piling an integ. stereo amp+power amp ontop of a receiver Jan Vigne4
Cambridge vs HKNick K24
FIM Power OutletNuck25
Amp suggestionsNuck5
So Jan -Jan Vigne18
Dinosaur CrownsSmith21
Mis-matching Speakers in new amp (4 ohms - 8 ohms)Nuck15
Newbie questionJan Vigne21
My very hot amp ...Jan Vigne17
AMP Jumpers??Nuck19
Bose lifestyle 8Nuck3
Amazing ExperienceDavid Mitchell14
McIntosh distortionNuck12
Amp goes into protect mode at high volumes...helpBryan Sherrill18
Tube-SS or SS-tube preamp-amp combination:which is better?leo stierer11
Sound upgrade ideas?Frank Abela43
And I thought I was out of control....Michael Wodek66
Do I need an amp or a new receiver?David Mitchell13
Amp standChristopher Molloy30
Lamm Industries ML3 Signature Mono Amplifiers...Where are they made?Nuck11
NAD T973 Price CheckMichael Cameron27
The Upgrade Bug strikes again!David Mitchell18
Denon DRA F107 with Rega P2Kay Vijay1
Rotel or B&K amp for Paradigm surround AND NAD amp for Paradigm fro...Nuck6
NAD 3125 help neededtony bugg1
Play guitar through speakers?Jan Vigne6
Bi-amping Cary 805 with KRELL FPB 600muddasir waheed mali26
Upgrade path.....Superc46815
Amp questionsFrank3
Best buy for more outright slam under 1000$Nuck29
Looking to upgrade an ampDorian Bingham3
Dayton ampsnick5
Which brand is better for grunt, true power and bass? Nad, Marants,...J. Jarvis30
Fisher tad9415 digital display problemsLance1
Naim Amp Sererates Advice .....Frank Abela11
Class D amplifiersNeil Waterman161
My nad 372 isnt working rightArt7
Not the place I knowDavid Mitchell12
Cambridge Audio 840 seriesGeorge4
Musical Fidelity x-80 or Cambridge Audio 640A v2?Dan J18
Connecting stereo integrated amp to recieverNuck17
Quad cdp or 99 prenanda kumar hv3
Bel Canto REF1000 or Simaudio W5Nuck8
Quality of vintage Pioneer amp and tunerJ. Jarvis3
Please Help!!!!Jan Vigne4
Sony Stereo StaticJan Vigne2
Question of the day...Nuck102
Which amp for Tannoy F1 custom?spirovious5
3B-ST Making Strange NoiseNuck50
Kicker sub with _____kind of amp?David Mitchell2
Cardas vs. Audioquest vs. KimberGeorge38
Rotel or equal upgrade?RJ50
Hum from amp transformerGeorge17
Bypassing a ReceiverMani6
Car Speaker hook up to computerNuman5
Hobbies other than audioDorian Bingham100
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