Which amp for Tannoy F1 custom?


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I own HT setup with ONK & F1 combo.I need to get seperate amp for CD listening.I have 2 options,
Nad or Rotel
Nad 326bee is reveiwed well & old Rotel-04 is recommended for F1.For serious listeng from classical to movies(occassionally fast tracks) ,which amp will be better?any other models also welcomed.

Current source can be oppo980 DVDp & may upgrade CDp later.

Pls guide,

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I think either one would be just fine. I've driven my Tannoys before with a Rotel RA-02. The combination sounded great. I prefer Rotel over NAD, but that's just me.

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Can you focus on F1 + CA340(540)?

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Are you taking the Tannoys out of the HT and adding a cdp and power source, or mixing it up?

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I will be using switch to get either output.
I m cofused with amp matching.
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