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Not sure if this is the right place. We have a M & S DMC1 music station. The intercom/music work great. We hooked up two speakers to each volume control, the volume controls are for two speakers. For some reason one speaker will sound good but the other fuzzy. We aren't sure what might be wrong. If you switch wires around then the other speaker will play fine but the other is now fuzzy. Any ideas

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You'll need to trace the system backwards to get a better idea of where the problem exists. Substituting another volume control would be the first step if that's possible. There really isn't much a volume control can do the make the sound fuzzy but that's where you would begin. If you have access to the amplifier's speaker outputs of the main unit, you can swap wires at that point and begin to determine where the noise exists by once again listening for whether the noise stays or moves with the switch. There's no way for us to make these determinations since it is now a matter of going through the system one piece at a time and listening for what results.

The best advice I can give is to be methodical and ony change one thing at any one time. Keep track of your progress. One common problem with intercoms is their house wiring. If this was installed as the house was being built, the sheetrockers could have put a staple through one of the wires that was laid too close to the surface. If this was installed into exisiting construction, you may have laid this cable too close and in a parallel run to some AC lines and the one side is picking up interference from the induced noise of the AC.

Track backwards or forwards but you'll have to go piece by piece eliminating the possibilities until you think you've found where your problem exists.

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