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i have just bought a rega brio from ebay to hook up to my cambridge audio 640c cd and kef q35 speakers.

can anyone tell me tell me about the input selector.
should it click to each input as you turn the knob?
presumably the relevant led should light up as well?
neither of these happen with mine.
it appears to play cds ok though!

many thanks in advance.

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Welcome jez.
Indeed, you have described the desired operation of the input selector.
Does the selector knob have a visible screw on the underside? That may be loose. Is the knob loose? Dose it pull straight off with a tug?
Is the cd input at the furthest left or right of the selection range?

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hi nuck,
thanks for your reply.
the selector knob doesn't have a fixing screw, but it does pull straight off when i pull it!
do you think that is why the LEDs don't work as well?
the selection range goes in an arc, from top to bottom. the cd is second from the bottom.
unfortunately i don't have any other devices to hook up-to see if the the inputs work.

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What condition was the amp described by the seller? If it's not in the condition as stated make a complaint through Ebay. If you used Paypal contact them and ask for a refund.

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"unfortunately i don't have any other devices to hook up-to see if the the inputs work."

Connect the CD player to the rest of the inputs to see if they work. The CD input is the same as most others, the only reason why its labeled as such is to make it easier to keep track of what is connected to which input.

DO NOT connect anything other than a turntable to the Phono input. It'll overload it and ruin it.

Not that I'm sure what the Brio is supposed to do, but is this the Brio 3 or 2000, or the original 'clam shell' Brio?

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this is not one of the original brios. it's a later one, though not sure whether it is a 2000 or a 3. i don't know how you can tell those models apart.

i have tried the cd player through the other inputs and they don't work.
presumably the input selector is completely knackered. boo.

thanks for your help everyone.

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That sucks jez. I've been screwed on ebay before too, and when contacting the seller, got the old "It worked when I shipped it", and when I indicated I would leave him bad feedback he retaliated by saying "go ahead, I'll do the same". I ended up eating the loss since I wanted to keep my 100% rating.

I believe (hope) the feedback system has been changed since then. I don't know for sure since I bidded (no pun intended) ebay adios quite some time ago.

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i am in a similar situation david.
i think i'll keep the amp as i sold a couple of bits on there, so effectively got the amp for 'free'.
i'll look around for a local hifi shop that can possibly repair it.

it sounds fantastic though!
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