Problem with Marantz 2270


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Hello all,
I have a Marantz 2270 that worked perfectly for a long time, but one day sudenly while listening to music i heard a loud and strange noise (like a shaving machine noise) form my speakers with no posibility to adjust the volume or anything.
The only way to shut the voice down is turning off the amp. I even checked the headphones output, and even there its the same loud noise. Tried to push every button with no success.
I`ve opened the reciever and havent found anything unusual like a blown capacitor (maybe a DC filter problem) .
I know that there is no problem with the PoweSupply because i hear a "click" a few seconds after turning it on.
Hope you have some good suggestions on the issue or maybe some of you had the same problem and can give me a solution.
Please help !

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The main relay pulling in on mains power does not mean that there is not another power supply issue.

Obviously the issue is broadly based, and affects all output circuits in the pre, where your headphone amp is also located.

Does the unit have a pre-out that you can try?

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What exactly are you looking for from us? If we should give you an idea of what might have caused the problem, are you going to perform the repair yourself?

If not, then you might as well allow a technican to diagnose and service the unit. No service tech I know of will just accept a diagnosis perfomed without the equipment being present and accounted for.


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If i will know what the cause of the problem is i will be able to preform the the repair by myself.
I read in other forums that its better to replace all caps in the Amp because they are drying over the years, and the main problem can be from the huge 9000uF caps.
I`m almost sure that the problem is in one of the caps that gives DC current to pass to the output. because that sound that i hear in the speakers/headphones is not affected by the volume switch.
So please give me any information or suggestion.
If someone have the circuit of that amp i will be glad to get it.
Thank you.

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Leon, what kind of scope do you use?
Do you have a dvm or an analog meter?
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