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Last October I bought a simple 2-Channel stereo by Sony, STR-DE197, for playing music on a pair of book shelf speakers. In the time since I noticed that there was static coming from the stereo, while any input is selected. The static occurs even when listening with headphones. The static is the same decibel, regardless of what level the volume is set at. I've moved it around my house, tried isolating the power cord to avoid interference possibilities. No luck.

Selecting an unused input, like MD/Tape, with volume turned down, "Crackle." Selecting CD input, with a CD player connected, not playing, or playing, "Crackle."

I've tried using the Spkr A output, Spkr B output and headphones. All have same crackle, again with volume settings irrelevent.

When I called SONY, I received courteous telephone support but no actual expertise. They had me send it in to a repair center in Texas at my expense. Supposedly they replaced some component. When it returned to my house and I plugged it in - "Crackle."

Anyone have thoughts about what the problem might be? Is this simply as much quality as Sony can manufacture?

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"Is this simply as much quality as Sony can manufacture?"

Probably. Sony is like most mass market manufacturers, they allow a certain number of defects in their products and are not absolutely committed to 100% top quality. I suspect you got what you paid for.

There is no way to diagnose such a problem on a forum. If a service tech who happens to come onto the forum knows this is a common problem with Sony, then you might luck out - but that isn't likely to happen. I would say your opitions are limited in this situation. You can call the service center where the receiver was worked on and ask about their own warranty on repairs which could provide an answer and a working unit or you can walk away from the Sony and buy something with a better reputation for quality.

You will be spending more for such a product - that is your trade off. And even then, lemons occur. Just buying a more expensive brand doesn't guarantee you will have perfect luck with any amplifier. It is all but impossible to do 100% quality control on every component that goes into modern day electronics. Some manufacturers allow two to three per cent failures and some only allow less than one per cent. But things fail, that is why there are service departments. So you might find buying another Sony would solve the problem - or possibly getting the store where you bought this one to work out a deal on a swap - or you might buy another more expensive product and still have problems.

You might be able to work directly with Sony to get your unit swapped out. You don't know until you ask.

But, if you buy from a "better" line and spend more money, you will probably have better service than you get from Sony should problems arise.

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