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OH yeah.Art279
Sansui 8080Art2
Cambridge Audio 640A vs. Onkyo A9555fagen20
Amp QuestionNuck70
BI-AMPING advantages (if any?)Nuck8
NAD C372 - "up in smoke"francis joseph11
Converting a reciever to a power ampNuck8
Nighline 360 Amp and speaker setupMartin5
Can't get surround sound from multichannel sourceChristopher Lee5
Newbie needs help, pleaseJan Vigne4
Just bought BrystonNick K75
Hum in transformerDavid Mitchell13
HK 3380/3480 or Denon PMA-700AE francis joseph5
Rackmount amplifiersleo stierer7
Is a Hafler DH500 a "High Current" Power Amp?Eric James15
Bi-Wiring Yamaha RX 797 Stereo ReceiverNuck11
Yamaha back into "audiophile" check it out!David Mitchell9
Confused 300B SET amps vs. EL34/KT88 Push PullsJan Vigne14
Proper intergrate for Totems (i know discussed before)r3cc0s24
Chinese products hitting Mainstream (Shanling, Bada, etc..)leo stierer14
Sub plate amp repairJan Vigne2
Thoughts on Cayin, Cary, or PrimaLuna Integrated Tube AmpsChris H4
An interview with Ken Kessler author of "the" book on McIntoshNuck10
Buying ampsJudy White6
Amp/cd combo to match ProAc Response 1SCMichael Fritz9
Tuning Fuses - Snake oil?Nuck11
Sell my HCA-1000A for SR-705?AuDiOBuFF5
Integrated Tube ampGreg T21
Carver SoundNick K20
HELP need to know how / what to drive speakers with from an MP3? Marc6
Rotel RMB-1075 vs NAD272 vs Bryston 3B.....NADT763 vs H/K 645. War ...Nick K71
Def Tech-Arcam vs. B&W-Rotel or Paradigm-Cambridge Audio?Stu Pitt12
Amp help.Frank Abela2
Outlaw monoblock to power subwoofer?Dustin Stock19
Akai AM 65 AmpDustin Stock9
Amp suggestions?Nuck3
Is it of any benefit to use a Cursa 3 & Mira 3 together ?Frank Abela5
NAD C-272 What the heck!Nick K6
Emotiva LPA-1Chris H20
Onkyo A-8130Jan Vigne6
Punch 600 watt ampDavid Mitchell2
1600 watt amp 4 channelNuck6
Speaker ConnectionsM.R.5
Cambridge Audio 640A V2, is there anything better for my setup?Nuck5
Recommended amp for b&w 683?snapcat6
Rotel rb 1080, cambridge 1040, roksan kandy???Greg T5
HELP! Connecting a car amp/speaker to my PCmike h1
Emotive XPA-5Neil Waterman5
Multi-Channel Amps?Nuck12
Pro Yamaha Stereo Amp + Nad T163 vs Nad C372francis joseph4
ColdAmpleo stierer25
Which amp for Kef 104sJan Vigne7
Amp for a single ceiling speaker??Jan Vigne4
Bryston 3BThom T58
Amp/Pre-amp pairing for Anthony Gallo Ref 3.1??M.R.23
Amp for VR-1-MF A3.5 or Classic Creek 5350se?Art2
Preamp for McIntosh 60Jan Vigne4
Yaquin Valve amp Speaker choiceJan Vigne5
Powering 2 cerwin vega cls15'sNuck8
Your Significant Other, and their Poor Listening Habitsleo stierer29
Rega set upShari Payne36
To Biamp or not ?brejesh varma7
Yamaha rx-v992 HELP!!!!Nuck2
Whole House Amp?Nuck6
HELPKangology 1018
2 amps connected to 1 pair of speakers?Jan Vigne4
Opinions if any on Creek ClassicMichael Wodek2
To Bridge or Not to bridge. Jan Vigne6
New amp on the way.....Chris H29
NAD C272 Toroidal "Hum"Frank Abela32
Integra 5.8 with Adcom AmpGreg9
HK 3480francis joseph9
Audioquest Alpha snake and Kimber Kable PBJLocqho3
What would i need?Nick K2
Sub amp please help!Jan Vigne2
Opinions on Nakamichi AmpsJan Vigne2
£300 to spend a a tube amp pleaseChris H15
Amps for linn kaberJan Vigne11
Nad C 325BEE best speakersFrank Abela12
Total upgrade, denon, sunfire, nad... B&W803DFrank Abela15
Using my AVR as a Pre-Amp and adding a Power amp?Frank Abela24
Power SuppliesAndre Money37
Cambridge 540aJ. Jarvis2
Update on my Amp QuestionJan Vigne15
Off topicDavid Mitchell6
NAD 2240PEArt2
Have monitors, need amp/cdp!Jan Vigne5
POWER AMPGosseling de Vries21
How To build a simple amplifire?Nick K4
Rega brio 3 vs. Harman kardon hk 970 II vs. NAD c352Thorsten Lux28
Adcom AmpNuck3
Small system, amazing sound.....please help!Frank Abela21
Headphone AmpsNuck12
NAD C272Nuck11
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