NAD C-272 What the heck!


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Hi everyone,
Quick Question if I may.
Have a C-272 which I had been using in bridge mode for the last 6 months. Disconnected all my gear cause we just moved. Plug everything back together this morning and the Amp does not work properly until it has warmed up for about 10 minutes. When I start the system and if I want to raise the volume; it makes a noise as if it was going in protect mode, even the yellow light comes on. After the 10 minutes or so it works perfectly.
Any help or input to try to figure out why this is happening will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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Did it get bumped in move? Dropped or shaken, not stirred?
There is a loose connection which when warm makes better contact.
When starting from cold, try gently tapping and see if that makes a difference.

Than, get it serviced by a proper technician.

Personally, I wouldn't run it like this, you can potentially do more damage and incur a REAL repair bill.

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I think Leo is right. Whenever you get a situation where it works right cold, but starts buggering up when it gets warm, or vise versa (as in your case) it is frequently a solder joint on a circuit board. A very easy fix once you know where the problem is. A cracked circuit board is more problematic. Either way you'll need someone to look at it.

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Unless it has been serviced and cleaned in the last year, it is probably time to do so now at any rate.

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Thank you very much guys.

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Check your polarity on the speaker wires as well. Sounds dumb, but my friend who got a new C272 called me up not long ago with the Identical problem you just described. Switched his speaker wires (positive/negative) around and all was well.
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