Recommended amp for b&w 683?


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Any recommendations for b&w 683 for around $1500 or less for an amp? I keep hearing great reviews of the Roksan kandy amp but there's no dealer in my state. The only amp I've lestened to is the rotel rb 1070 but would like to hear the 1080? 2 different dealers have suggested the rotel? are they that good for the money? There price is $1000 for the 1080. Is it important to have a good pre-amp? they're suggesting the rc 1070. if i buy these 2 plus rotel cd player for about $700 i'm at $2200 for the package. It seems I could get the Roksan kandy amp and cd player for a few hundred bucks more. Any suggestions??

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Do some digging around the forum if you don't get any replies on this thread. Check out the [speakers] theads as well. My recollections from what I've read would suggest Rotel is a little weak in the kness for the B&Ws. What about Bryston guys? This one is gone but is representative of what you can get within your budget. And 12-13 years of warranty left--wow.

Good luck on the search.

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Rotel is actually a good match for the 600 series B&W.

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I have a RB-1070 and it is very nice. It was not the best match for my current-hog panels, but as far as quality of sound, it was right there.
The '1080 is good, too. You'll enjoy either one.
I am selling my '1070 on Audiogon.
Pre amp important? Yep.

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If you're gonna get the Rotel cdp then I'd go all Rotel - used 1080 amp, used pre, & new cdp.

Here's what I'm looking at but can't purchase just yet.
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