Amp/cd combo to match ProAc Response 1SC


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Good day,
I am looking to upgrade my amp/cd combo to match ProAc 1SC. My budget is 2000 Euro max. for both.
I am thinking about the following amps(with their matching CD players): Primare I21, Naim Nait 5i, Rega Mira3, Creek Evo or Classic (I was told Destiny would be a good match, but too expensive), MF A3.5 (discontinued model), Unison Unico, Heed, Arcam or Roksan Kandy3. I am aware there are much more out there, but those are the ones known to me.
The 1SC are excellent speakers and voiced to perfection, so which combo in your opinion would get the most out of them?
I listen to all kinds of music, but prefer more and more natural sounds, like voices, piano, violin and so on.
Kind regards

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Your budget is a bit low for Response 1SC's. Your speakers can only reproduce the signakl they're given, and if that's not very good, and they are very good, then they will show you exactly how not very good your signal is in the first place. You should be looking to spend the same amount on each of the electronics units as you've spent on the speakers in order to get a reasonably balanced solution. The Response 1SC is a revealing high performance monitor. Also, they're below average sensitivity at 86db/w/m so they need a bit of a push to get things going.

Some peiople like the Naim combination but I have heard as many against this combination as for it. The minimum Naim system I would match to them would be the Naim CD5x and Naim SuperNAIT.

Forget the Mira 3 - not enough juice and not enough fidelity. The minimum would be the Rega Cursa/Maia and even then you need to be careful. The matching rega Saturn would be the place to be.

In terms of Primare I believe the I31 is the place to be.

Another brand which seems to have great success as a combination with ProAc is Sugden. Well worth a look.

But first look at your budget, you're just not in the right ballpark, sorry...!


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Rega and ProAc do not go together well I tried it...not good. ProAc's are voiced with Audio Research gear so you may want to consider them.

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Good day Frank and Art,
thanks for sharing your expierience with me.
I know that the best would be to spend as much on every individual part as I have spent for the speakers. I will consider both of your suggestions, but have to look to buy something second hand at that price point of the amps you mentioned. In case of the Sugden, as it is a hot running machine, would that limit its life expectancy? There are also products as the moon i-1 or the new entry level leema, ever heard those?
As we are supporting both kids at Uni the sky has a limit,
thanks again cheers Michael

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Michael, the Sugden 21 is a target, but only at divorce sales!(look for those).
The Moon(simaudio) pieces are very good, an I3 might be worth scouting out.
Again, don't forget the source, this is very good stuff you are looking at!

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As noted in the review, the sensitivity is pretty low, and this is what Frank is alluding to. But, they are a fairly easy load to drive due to the impedence and phase angle. Pay attention to the match with the amp as noted. That spike in impedence in the midrange could yield a less than desirable result with the wrong amp. Others can comment more thoroughly on this.

Art also gives a very logical avenue to pursue. I know Cary tube amplifiers are in general also considered to be well matched with ProAc speakers. I am looking at ProAcs as a possible match for my Cary amp. Check the forums on Audiogon if you haven't already. Some pretty decent feedback there about ProAc speakers and various amp matches.

I suspect the Sugden 21 may also be a decent match based on a Stereophile review with D28s. As Nuck says, don't forget the source or all is lost.

I tend to agree with Frank regarding your budget. I am thinking about $6K with EXC used gear (~4000 Euro). I would try and listen before dropping that kind of scratch.

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Thanks Nuck and Neil,
it looks like its worth saving a bit longer, if I understand your answers correctly. I will keep an eye on the amps you mentioned as well. May be something rocks up, that would be great.
Is the sound or quality difference nowadays between a mid priced CD player and a more expensive one about the same as with amps? To me as I have used Quad amps years ago the difference to a cheaper mainstream japanese amp was quite big, always noticable especially with voices. The Quad sound was fuller, more musical. But thats a long time ago, and I thought as things or technology has progressed 1000 Euro per item should be plenty. But then again, I reckon technology in speakers has progressed as well and need therefor a better amp and CD player.
Cheers Michael

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MF, I suspect that you would still find a big difference between the Quad's and mainstream stuff.
Some of those Quads were just wonderful.

A 'mainstream' cdp like a Rega Apollo would not let you down, it would just be low man on the Totem Pole in a system as suggested. Somebody has to be.

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Hi Nuck,
I guess your point is "you get what you pay for".
I will wait a bit longer in order to save more money, as I understand that matching gear to my beloved 1SC doesn't come cheap,
best regards
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