Chinese products hitting Mainstream (Shanling, Bada, etc..)


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Anyone have experience with the latest Chinese products such as Shangline, Bada & Audio Space?

They appear to be a distributor who happens to carry a few line of products, of which I've seen reviews on this particular Hybrid amp as being quite well built with good sonic characteristics.

Joilda had even made mention that they are quite happy with Chinese made tubes, just the logistics on the larger tubes, such as the KT88\6550s and 300Bs are often subjected to questionable handling issues during transit.

If the Chinese are making "giant killing" products for far lower costs, yet retaining quality... I don't think I'd hesitate to "give it a go"

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You'll have to debate whether purchasing a product from China is a wise investment. There are numerous reasons to think it is not and a few that would compel you to go ahead with the deal. For my part, I think too many of the reasons to make the purchase center around short term personal centric goals and avoid other more important issues. I would only caution you to consider the truism that most things which seem too good to be true prove, in the long run, not to have been so true at all.

As a very real example, ask yourself what happens should you require service assistance from a company located in another part of the world.


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Jan you bring up valid points, however should there be a "distributor" who is willing absorb the role of being the leis ion between the customer and manufacturer, I would feel confident.

I feel that in recent years, that there has been a global mandate to move manufacturing to China to capitalize upon their lower labor costs.
I can understand that notion, though unpatriotic, to take a capable nation to perform duties which ahear to your own governance and international standards, such as ISO, I do not see why not to take that path of cost reduction.

That being said, like with most companies, new implementations and transitions always take time to be able to deliver on a product or service to the same level as previously experienced.

Anyways, coming back on topic...
I have heard the Shanling T100 CDP mated to an Audio-Space 3.1 Tube amplifer and though supported with top line cryo/copper crystal cables (same Straight-wire Crescendo ICs, speaker cables, and power cables) it seemed to produce "soul moving" sound through the Mordaunt Short speakers I listened to.

With China, particularly the more established SAR regions such as Hong Kong, it appears there is still a very large market for "Hi-Fi". In fact, I'd say on an average, you'd see at minimum NAD quality of equipment in most mid-class households, as compared to North America, of which Sony like Mini-Systems still seem so prevliant.

For instance, just browsing through the Audio-Space site, it appears they sponsor a large HK celebrity Andy Lau, who happens to be a sell out lol, but would only sign on with brands reflecting quality, such as CYMA watches.

HK being as much of a World City, is an exception... but is influencing other larger South East Asian metropolitans.

HK is one of those places, where if you talk to any watch collector, cigar afficianado, Coniac or Wine collector, and in my experience some serious audiophiles... they tell you to go to find the exotics.

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At one time I thought nothing about where my gear was made. Over time educated myself relative to some issues which I won't go into here and made a conscious decision to longer buy audio products made in China. My reasons have nothing to do with quality as I find that many of their products are of good quality and I'll leave it there. I think that the only things that I have that were made in China now are my REL sub which I was not aware was made I China when I bought it (my bad)...still thought they were made in GB. I called Sumiko several times as well as emailed them and they never responded to my question as to the place of manufacture of my sub...however I now know. Also my Chord Silver Sirens may have been made there...I'm not sure.

I make no judgements relative to folks who do by Chinese's simply a personal choice for me.

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To be fair to them, many of the more respected Chinese brands like Shanling, Prima Luna and Melody have very good factories and working practices. The results are there to see in the products. Provided the distribution chain is a secure one, there should be no problems, although I have no direct experience of backup maintenance of those products.

As mentioned elsewhere, it may be that Arcam is a british brand, but half their stuff is made in China, and this is true of loads of brands. Not sure where repairs take place in those cases but I'm guessing it's not China.

Of course, from a Green perspective, having things made half a world away from their point of sale is not good, and this I find more distressing than anything else. After all, we're quite happy to point fingers at where the items are made, but do we chase up on components (i.e. the bits inside)? Not usually. If they're made over in China, it doesn't really matter if the unit is built in the UK or US does it?

It's a difficult one...


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I've been browsing the chinese products being distributed through New York sound... and is it just me but are there a number of brand who rebadge the same product?

I mean AV123 seems to be selling exactly the same tube integrate as Melody's SP3

I wonder if this is common practice?

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It's pretty tough to avoid buying a product that has zero Chinese parts. And really, what's so special about China. Politics aside, the same argument would hold true for any country overseas would it not ?

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I think it's pretty innovative for a 3rd world market to produce quality expected from 1st world countries, such as Japan, Canada, USA & Brittan.

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I am yet to see that level of quality proven over time.

And for what it is worth, the stuff is cheap to make there not only because the workers are under threat in some cases, but there are zero environmental controls, and Manganese, Arsinic and Lead are dumped in rivers and streams by workers with wheelbarrows.


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Not audio - but like all Aussie clothing comapnies, my wife works for one that gets it's goods made in China. (A) because it's much cheaper (B) because the quality and reliable service is exceptional. The factories have good working conditions and the workers are being paid more and more and are looked after well. Musical Fidelity is made in Taiwan and their quality is excellent also. My Quad speakers are also made in China and they are extremely well made.

If you don't like Chinese or 3rd world made goods, blame the unions, greedy businessmen, lazy workers and the inept governments of your own country.

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perhaps the chinese dont have the working conditions and the payscale that the western world does. but it works for them. they're happy to be employed and earn an amount with which they have necessities of life and a few comforts. and the days of inhuman labour and conditions is pretty much gone. yes, you work harder but if that gives them the edge, good on them

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Not to get too much off topic, but with M.R. and Nuck here.

Blame corrupt, bloated unions for forcing our homegrown corporations to outsource manufacturing to third world countries because labour has become too expensive here.

And let's also blame our corporations for being greedy and only caring about the bottom line.

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My stocks are up!

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The Chinese may just succeed in turning parts of there country into an industrial wasteland. Who 'ya gonna sue?

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
Mao Tse-Tung
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