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Re; Pilot Radio Corporation AmplifierAnonymous1
SunfireJared Simpson1
Copland CTA402CWK1
Need helpWm. Rowland2
What's the weak point ?Anonymous2
Tweaking the ampAnonymous2
Amp messAxel Fernando Rivas 1
Which one should I buyAnonymous4
Pros.&Cons of Bi-AmpingAnonymous3
Bi-ampingTom Helton1
Triwirable speakers? How do I get it to work?!Hifi Salesman4
Musical Fidelity.... any cable recomendationsChris2
Live soundstepjh2
Bass/treble controlAnonymous2
Dumb QuestionZach2
5 Channel AmpsZach2
NAD 2140 SpecificationsPaul Cyr1
Pre amp inputs help on ampsDerek2
Such thing as splitting a monophonic amp to 2 channels???Miguel2
Akai Am 93Christian Klein3
Akai AM-67 or AM-93erik weelinck2
2 channel stereo amp for B & W 604sS K3
5 channel amps under $2,000 - What to buy????Hawk3
Scott Tube Amp ??Alan MacGregor2
Red protection lightchris grandoit1
ARCAM A85 or Krell KAV300iTony Leung4
I need a translation here!!!Tom Whipps1
Switching 5 amps into one set of speakersDerek2
Making a home stereo from scrap equipmentAnonymous1
Amplifer with "wow" sound Derek2
SYNN LoudspeakersGraham Southcombe8
Another Newbie questionJerry Torok1
2 channel ampG-Man2
Another car amp to home theater hookup questionAnonymous3
Newbie QuestionHawk4
Power Acoustik 1OHM series (Problem)Anonymous1
HELP MENick Landon3
Rotel questionIdealConcepts3
Home stereo ampsHawk4
Buzz in center channel onlyAdam C2
Think B&K 125.7 AMPDean Martin6
Ab switch?Joe G.3
2nd Zone 100 ft. Wire Run: Pre-Amp Outs or Amplified Signal?Jeremy Jacobs3
? about Sony STR D611 Joe Capone1
A manual for kenwood VR 6070Zacharia3
Yamaha VS MarantzG-Man4
Switching between 2 amps connected to one pair of speakerspatrick S.1
Seperate ampDerek2
Adcom Amp/Pre-Amp problemAnonymous1
Kenwood 1060vr - help please!David R. Henry2
Carver ampsjohn williams8
Questions on Sherwood pre-amp and power ampG-Man4
Gettin more wattage to my amp?rachael6
How can I Bi-Wire a Speaker with a stereo Amp?Anonymous5
Seperate amp for each channel?Derek2
Web control home audioDan Barahona1
PS Audio Two C Plus power amp.Brian Lee1
NAD A/V receiver and Outlaw Amp Combo. Hawk, G-Man, anyone?shaun61428
1977 BGW 750A ampAnonymous1
Choice of amp: Onkyo 696, Marantz 6200, Marantz 6300, Pioneer 811S Hawk3
Problem with Motorhome 110 volt Generator PowerHugh Cox2
120V AC to 12V DCJoong-In Rhee2
Sub/Amp Help NeededTim4
Mtx thunder to boss c-700 problemAlex3
Quad 303- have some inf about replacing caps?Anonymous3
Correct Grounding for Digital Cable with an AmpDerek4
What is clippingAnonymous5
Do i need an amp if my dvd has built in decoderG-Man3
Basic amp and connection questionmarkey8
Need amp that does 100W x 2 *MAX* @ 4 ohmG-Man5
Use receiver preamp rca or the subwoofer amp output?Tim Surber1
Seperates vs IntegratedDave H7
Synn C07 and P08 Power and Pre-Amps HELPscholzen4
Help with Seperates!!!Hawk3
Buying Home Theater G-Man2
New Yamaha Amp with THX Select 7.1Hawk2
Quick amp question...harmon kardon using magnaplaners and std spkrsEllwood Davis2
Amplifier Performance Difference!Derek2
Help matching pre-pro and amp to B&W speakersG-Man5
Question about Multi-room SystemKevin3
2 Questions on Pyramid AmpDerek B.14
15" subs on a shelf systemDerek2
VERY appears on evry input..HELP!!Mackenzie Strutt1
Using Amp With Denon 3803Hawk12
What is an integrated amp?John A.8
Basic QuestionG-Man8
NAD C370 amplifierAnonymous7
Bridging the kenwood basic m2 A VAN BAER1
Importance of THX Certification? G-Man10
Some advice for upgrading my NAD C350 amplifierG-Man9
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