? about Sony STR D611


I have had my Sony STR D611 receiver w/Dolby Pro Logic for about 10 years. Recently my old Phillips L & R stereo speakers got fried & I replaced them w/a set of 5 KLH satellite speakers w/sub woofer.

I hooked 2 L & R speakers up to the speaker inputs on the sub-woofer, then connected that unit to the "A" speaker inputs on the back on the receiver, then i hooked the dedicated C speaker up to the center channel input on the receiver. Everything works fine with this configuration.

The 2 remaining speakers i connected to the rear channel inputs, but they did not work properly when i tested everything out.

I then tried connecting the 2 speakers to the "B" speaker input, and used the A/B speakers in "Normal" Dolby Pro Logic surround mode. On occasion, the sound channel normally dedicated to the center speaker will switch to both of the right channel A/B speakers, a simple switch between VIDEO 1 & 2 on the remote fixes the problem, for a while, but obviously this configuration is not right.

#1, what am I doing wrong?

#2, how do I correct the problem to get full use out of all of my speakers w/o buying a more up-to-date system?

Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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