How can I Bi-Wire a Speaker with a stereo Amp?


Hello everybody!
I have a good stereo amplifer I want to use with some Monitor Audio Monitor 3. They are ready for Bi-Wireing. Is there any way to bi-wire them with my stereo system? Or can I use the speaker single-wired though they are build for bi-wireing? Or do I have to buy an additional power amplifer? I'm new to this so I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks in advance
H. Rubensen

I heard that I just have to connect the plus with the plus and the minus with the minus on the speaker terminal. Then I can use them in single wire operation. Is this right or do I damage my speaker or amp with this?
Thanks for your help
H. Rubensen

Read this article:

Bi-wiring is a waste of time. Ask any electrical engineer. Bi-amping can sometimes provide benefits but usually only if you disconnect the speaker's internal crossover and use an active external crossover.


I disagree, bi-wiring or bi-amping gives a noticable increase in sound quality (imaging & dynamics). I tried it with my system and it was a huge improvement over single wiring. Btw, if anyone has a bi-wireable speaker then they should bi-wire period. And if they can afford it, then bi-amping. An external crossover would further increase the audio quality but at that level most people would be best to leave that to a professional to install and configure.

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