Triwirable speakers? How do I get it to work?!


Hi all, nice discussions you got here. I'm really hoping that someone'll be able to help me out!

I'm not a complete newbie, I've had a seperates system for the last 10 years or so (Hey, fair dinkum, I'm only 25...), but it's been a fairly bog-standard system. I've had some Tangent Monitor 9's I've been bi-wiring up to now, running off my Kenwood 3020se Amp, but yesterday I got a pair of Mission 704's from a store for £200 (seemed very cheap. Still does to be honest....).

I was a little bit surpried when I got home, rearranged my room (have u seen the size of these things????? Trying to get them up the stairs on my own was......interesting.), and then took a look around the back to see a small nuclear reactor attached to the back. After the bomb squad had informed me it was a power amp, I got to work trying to figure it out.....

I've got the tweeter/HF cone and the Midrange/MF cone going very nicely (already better than my old Tangents, fair do...) simply by swapping over the speaker wires.

Now this is where I get confused. I've been told that I need to plug a phono lead into the line in, from my Amp's Tape Out to the speaker's Line in socket (Tape Play output, left to left speaker and vice versa) . I did so. I connected the speaker to the mains, (powered speakers, with it's own power supply) and turned on. Nothing. Not that I was surprised as there was still a set of speaker connections left unused, which I'm assuming is for the bass cone.

Does my sweet baby, aka. Kenwood 3020se Integrated Amplifier, lack the necesary speaker outputs to run these Missions? If you're unfamiliar with the Kenwood, it only has four speaker outputs, 2 + , and 2 - . As you may have noticed, I'm a bit unwilling to part with the Kenwood, and I'm really hoping that it's just me being a bit of a twonk in the wiring of it all. If I have to upgrade though, well, maybe she's got a big sister I can get in with..... ;)

If there's anybody out there who can help, I'd greatly appreciate any help you could provide in getting this running. As I said, I'm not really stupid, I've just never been able to afford anything in the ol'pre and power amp department, or tri-wirable speakers. I only bought these on the internet because they were so drastically reduced. Now I have them though, I'm damn well going to use 'em.....

Thanks a lot for any help y'all can give,



I would contact both Kenwood and Mission about how to get a working line level signal to the speaker, which has an internal amp to drive the woofers.


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Firstly the phono socket connection would be from a pre-out so that the volume works (the 3020 has no pre-out). Secondly, biwire or triwire requires only single speaker output - just couple the cable at the amp end (since the terminals are joint about 1/2 inch inside the case anyway!)
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