Scott Tube Amp ??


I was given a Scott 225A intergrated amp. I belive it is a Tube amp. I know almost nothing about this item. I need to know if the tubes are still available, what are it's limitations, what is the quality of this product, does it have the power to drive good speakers, can I hook a seperate amp up to it to boost power if what I have isn't enough? All in all what is the low-down on this thing? I know it sounds great driving a pair of "stack system" run-of-the-mill speakers. It does generate quite a racket when turning the volume up/down. Any and all advice or who to talk to is much apprecciated. How old is this thing? dave

You have a fine piece of equipment. I am now listening to a 222C amp driving a pair of 1960s AR-4s. They sound great. Tubes are available - they just don't make them anymore - not since 1972. Check your local TV service centers, or even computer repair. I just found a guy with a tube tester. Some of the tubes, like the 12AX7 are used in guitar amps, so they are available. Others, you'll have to look. I have picked up a hu, which will need some attention. Just get a set of reasonable speakers - the Scott is great for an office system.
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