Think B&K 125.7 AMP


1. What are your pros and cons about the sound quality of the b&k 125.7 vs NAD T762 ?

2. Are there other alternatives to the two selections above?

My gear:

M&K System 750THX 4ohm. MFG Recommended amp ~ 50-200 watts.
Surr Proc: Denon AVR-3803 (or will buy separate preamp)
I am still not fully happy with the Denon AVR-3803, especially it does not support 4ohm speaker. I hook them up and the sound is good but thought I could improve by going for the NAT T762 receiver, B&K 125.7 amp, or other amp/receiver... ??? anything under $1500.00 US
I am happy with my spekers right now.


Instead of an amp upgrade for all 7 channels have you considered a 5 or even 2 channel amp to help the Denon.

Why not 6 or 6 channels?

You probably don't need a 7 channel amp.I'm currently using the B&K 125x5 amp in my setup with my Yamaha receiver working as a preamp and running two effects speakers with the two front channels.For a year I ran the Yamaha with a two channel B&K ST-140 and was very happy with the sound.You can pick up used two channel amps on ebay or audiogon for under 300 bucks and using them for your front two channls wil let your Denon have an easier time driving the center and rear channels.Just thought I'd suggest a cheaper way that I know sounds good.

Hi Dean,

What model of yamaha receiver do you have?
Do you still use the 125x5 amp together with the ST140? What model of B&K 125x5 do you have?

I am going to get the B&K AV6000 125x6 to use with my Denon. I heard that the ST140 or even the ST3140 sounds better dynamic than the AV6000.

Have you tried different amp from a different brand like NAD or else?

What kind of speaker setup do you have?
How do you like the sound quality of b&k amp with Yamaha as preamp vs sound quality directly from yamaha? Is it a big improvement?


I have the RX-V800 receiver it's only 5.1 and I use the B&K AV-5000 to run all five channels I use the ST-140 to power a Clark tactile transducer in my recliner.The older B&K big cap amps do sound better in my opinion but it's really close.I tried an old Yamaha amp of a friend and an Onkyo amp but they don't come close to the B&K's IMO.My speaker set is twenty year old Ohm Walsh 2's as fron L/R,a PSB 9C center the Yamaha receiver has a center EQ so I was able to get the sound consistent across the front,a pair of Celestion DL-4's for surround and a pair of Celestion DL-10's on top of the audio racks at the front being driven by th Yamaha's front channe amps.I have an Atlantic Technology 450 sub with a 200 watt amp and the Clark in my recliner with the ST-140 bridged to drive it with 300 watts.The ST-3140 running the front 3 channels might sound really good in your setup.
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