Help matching pre-pro and amp to B&W speakers


Just recently put in a order finally for the B&W 603 S3s, LCR60, and 601s for surrounds. I need to get the other parts real soon! I think that I have set my mind on Rotel because I have been told that they are basically the same company, and they sound good together. Im thinking about the RSP 1066 for the prepro, but cant decide on the amp.... Either the RMB 1075 w/120 wpc or the 1095 with a big 200 wpc. I can get the 1075 for about $1350 or the 1095 for about $1800. Should I go for the 1095 with the extra 80 wpc, or should I just get the 1075 for $450 less?? I have also noticed that the 1066 prepro doesnt have THX certification, will that make me miss something when I watch certain movies?


Congrats on your team's great start. I thoroughly enjoyed their comeback against the Bucs last week (but what happened yesterday?).

Either Rotel is a wonderful amp, although their sound is a little "lean" for some tastes, it is nevertheless very clean and precise. I would suggest you listen to both amps and decide for yourself. However, it is hard to recommend either one over the other when you don't tell us the size room (the room's volume, i.e., h x w x d) you have and you haven't described your listening habits. I would suspect the 1075 will be plenty big enough, but not if you have a very large room and you like high sound levels when you listen. Remember, Rotel has honest power ratings (unlike Japanese mass market receivers), so when they specify 120 wpc, you get it.

You don't need THX certification and it has no bearing on the sound quality, so it would not be missed with these products.


As far as I know, B&W speakers are designed and manufactured in England. Rotel's are just designed in England--they are made in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. Rotel (used to be Roland Electronics) has a factory in Hong Kong. Rotel may use B&W speakers, but I doubt that B&W relies on Rotel amplification to test their speakers. Rotel is too marginal a company for a big outfit like B&W. That said, I am sure most of the B&W speakers are designed to work with a wide variety of amplifications---from receivers to separates.

As far as THX certs--I doubt that Rotel's pre-amp specs are discernibly different from THX specs--they just don't want to pay for the licensing fees. The important thing is to have the features, the ease of use, and performance you want.

If I were buying separates near this price point I would probably lean toward the Outlaw Audio separates, which are similar in power and performance to the Rotel's and are a local US manufacturer (and priced less with a superior remote). Cosmetically, the Rotel's might look better.

Sorry I left out the room size. 20 X 22 with 12 foot ceilings. If you were to suggest Outlaw Audio, which Outlaw seperates would you go for?

Outlaw Audio only makes one pre-amp, the 950. You have a choice of 3 of their amps: the 7100, which is 7 x 100 watts, the 770, which is 7 x 200 watts, and the 755, which is 5 x 200 watts.

They currently have a deal on the 950 with the 7100 for $1598. But if you want 200 watts you could get the 755 at $1299 and the 950 at $799. That is one powerful 5-channel "receiver" for $2100. Since most people operate in 5.1, that is a good deal. Of course, you could get the 770 for $1799, which is the 7 x 200 watt amp.

I would get the 950 and the 7100 for $1598. That is a great deal and plenty of power for your set-up, as this amp has considerable headroom. And you get to try both units for 30 days. In the unlikely event you don't like them, or want the more powerful amp you can mail it back.
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