NAD C370 amplifier


s karp
can anyone give me some info feed back on this amp. It seems to be good value for money, but some dealers (who don't handle it) claim it is flakey and unrelaible ...?? any advice is welcome

thanks sk

Hello SK,

I Read in one of my magazine that they got a history of having a good reputation of machine and sound quality for the money. There must be something to them if some of the highend Audio Stores carry's them.

Ben Cosford
Dont worry folks, I've had a NAD amp 30 years and it hasn't given up on me once. They were and still are superb quality amps, not flakey in the least.

Al Lee
My C370 is a year old and have had no problems whatsoever with it, it has loads of clean power, quite honestly it's the best amp that l have owned.

Kris Fisher
I have owned several NAD receivers. Their quality, and audio clarity are awsome! I'm going to buy a C370 sight unseen.

I have had a NAD C370 for a year along wiyth a NAD C270. Both are excellent

That is the most irresponsible and stupid statement I have heard in audio.Nad, flakey and unreliable !! Nad makes some of the finest amps for the price .They can do this because their amps don't come with any unnecessary frills.Their power is rated very conservatively too.I have a c350 for the last two years and it is one of the most musical amps I have owned and the power is way more than the 60 watts it claims.I have a friend who has had a nad amp for the last 25 years.It is still going strong.
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