Which one should I buy


I just bought the HK320 and would like to take advantage of the 6.1/7.1 feature(I know i could of bought a receiver with a built in 6 channel)Any suggestion on what type of amp, or brand I should buy, I don't want to spend to much money, can anybody help...

Most any two channel amp or receiver will handle the center rears. For good used amps go to audiogon.com and peruse the offerings. I have a Marsh Sound Design A200S for $800 ($1,495 new) but that is probably more than you want to spend for the rear but it would sound great on your main front speakers.


i would try to stick w/ the same brand as the receiver, I think H/k makes the pa2000 a 2 channel amp. It can be had for 500 or less on the net new, probably much less on audiogon or ebay used.

Ya, the pa2000 seems to be a good matching amp for the HK avr's. I've got the 520 and I'm in the same position as you...building slowy.
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