Seperate amp for each channel?


al skeff
hey, i am trying to hook up a 5.1 surround sound system to my computer, but i dont exactly want to go and buy the big expensive reciever. i was wondering if i could use three seperate amplifiers to power the signals from each channel of audio(front, back, and subwoofer). im using the supplied asus-nvidia sound card (ARC-A6CH) with my nforce2. the card has the three outputs wich look like they are just simple analog audio channels, but im not sure if they are. do the channels themselves require a surround decoder? so, just wondering if i could use seperate amps to power each channel (supposing that they are just analog audio signals). thanks for your advice and help,


Yes you can. It should work very nicely.

However, Sherwood makes a couple of receivers that have 6-Channel direct inputs that start at under $100. Pioneer makes a few for under $200. There are a lot of companies; NAD, Adcom, Rotel, AudioControl etc. that make multichannel amps but they cost more than a good A/V receiver like the Onkyo 601 or the Denon 1804.

If you have the amps, let it rip. Start with the amps turned down so you don't blow something. If you don't already have the amps look into one of the inexpensive receivers I mentioned above.

Hope that helps.
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