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I have an SA 40 watt 2 channel tube amp that runs 8 ohms and 4 ohms as a mono. I love the amp but wanted to upgrade speakers. I heard the bose acoustimass 15 somewhere which is a 5.1 system. Is there anyway of adding an amp so I can get a surround sound with the LFE channel and use my two channel amp? What if I connected the center channel to the audio out on the tv, since center is mostly for dialogue? Thank you for your help. Danny

It is probably a lot less expensive and better to get a solid state 5.1 receiver. I don't know of one electrical and/or acoustical engineer that thinks tubes are better than transistors. Tubes distort more, need to be replaced, toss out a lot more heat (which is the nightmare of all electronics), and generally are multiples more expensive per watt.

Some people like the harmonic distortion that tubes generate, but even Carver makes a solid state amp that has a switch to mimic the same output as many tube amps, if you like that type of distortion.

The Bose Acoustimass 15 can be bettered by quite a few other systems at that price. Both in looks and sound. Online manufacturers that offer a 30 day return policy such as Aperion and Axiom both offer systems that sound far superior at the same price and are veneered with cherry wood most elegantly.

Look at the Bose reviews on Audioreview.com for Bose, Aperion, and Axiom.

Paradigm also has a good system at around $1100-$1300. But Aperion makes a truly wondrous 5.1 system for about $1399 that comes with a truly excellent subwoofer, 4 superior bookshelf speakers, and a fine center channel speaker.

Just some advice. I'd hate for you to waste money and not be as happy as you might be.
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