2 channel stereo amp for B & W 604s


I need a new amp for my pair of BW 604's am considering the NAD C370, marantz PM8000, or rotel pre / power amp (70 watts p/chnl.) I would appreciate some feedback or advice on this subject.

simon k.
sydney AUST.

own the c370 and C521i for 3 months now and I fully enjoy this combo powering my B&W 601 s3. I never get past 11 o'clock on the dial. Sound is crisp and clear and the amount of bass for not having a sub is insane. I really had nothing to compare too, but read many good reviews on each component and loudspeakers. Certainly scratching the surface of hi-fi, or well above avg mid-fi gear. IMO the best sub $1500 2 channel system

I am interested in the 604s myself, what has been your experience with them, do they come recommended?

I have owned a set of 604s for about 1 year now, and I do really like them, I did buy them on a whim after owning a set of B&W 580's for 12 years (and they still sound great today driven by an old Harman Kardon HK6200 amp),

The 604's need a powerful amp to do them justice, and also a fairly big listening area, if you have a small to medium listening area then a smaller
B & W will be just as good. Compare them to some other speakers ie. JM Lab and see what you think.
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