Gettin more wattage to my amp?


joanthan marion
hey,im not gettin enough wattage to my stero to my amp, it keeps shuttin off on me if it is gettin to loud, what can i do?

This could also be a protection circuit cutting in and stopping harm happening to the amp. Check your speaker connections and leads that there are no shorts along the leads. Adding in a gang plug that snooths the power input voltage to the machine might also help as power spikes or a dirty power supply may cause the problem. (e.g. a fridge motor kicking on or even in some cases an electric kettle can send a spike round the mains in the house, if this triggers the amps protection it will turn off.

I think it is rare that your house cannot supply voltage to your amp and the cause would probably be one of the above. (My amp is 120W per channel and it doesn't come near to overloading the mains socket).

How do you know you are not getting enough wattage? Chances are your speakers have a dip in thier impedence right where you are asking for the most power. Let's say you have an amp rated into 8 ohm speakers and you have 4 ohm speakers. There may be a dip below resonance in the bass where the speakers dip below 3 ohm and that may trip you amp up.

Try this; disconnect one of your speakers and set your balance all the way to the other and crank it up. If the shuts down, then it's probably not the wall socket. Just to be sure, connect both speakers in series to one channel and crank it. This has the effect of doubling th impededence. Unless you have a short somewhere, I'll bet the amp does not shut down.

Hey i just bought a 2000 watt 2 channel mosfet pyle amp, and im running a 15" 1000 watt vr3 extreme sub off of it. how many watts do you think this amp can actually put out. because i heard they over rate their amps... because im not getting a lot of bass it could be that my box is too small ...but im not sure

Sounds like this is a car set-up. I can't imagine a household 15" woofer not responding to "real" 1,000 or "2,000" watts at 8 ohms, unless you have the worlds most inefficient subwoofer with a very difficult resistance.

This is one of those great reasons why buying a self-powered sub-woofer made by a reputable manufacturer is a great idea.

how can i plug in my amp (to my car) with out killing the battery in my car?
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