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I have a Gemini X4 Power AMP, which i think is american made amp, god bless that freedom, and their are just a couple of questions to ask.
Both my speakers eltax mill 500, and the amp state; 4 - 8ohms, however it doesn't say if its 4-8ohms norminal, which would it choose, or is there i way to know if its 4 or 8ohms?
I also run a Denon AVR-1803 AV Reciever.
I use the analog VCR-2 output for the power amp, is the quility suffering? Should i use a splitter for the input instead? Or something else?

Thanks Adam C.

Measure across the speakers input terminals. That impedence, though at DC will give you some idea of the speakers impedence.

Why not use the receivers preamp-output so you can control the volume?

Adam C
I have volume settings on the poweramp, also the denon avr1803 only has sub pre-outs.
I'm left with either. buying a new av reciever (not likely) buy a av processor, or splitting the phono input, or using phono outs. Which from what i heard i'm losing a small amount of quility.

Adam C

I don't use them but try Zone-2 pre-amp outs. You may be able to use a high quality speaker-level to line-level converter. You know the ones used in car stereos...

i hooked my 4channel amp to my fronts i had all the things i needed and it didnt work when i touched tha wires my speaker went out all 4 of them

I got a second-hand Sherwood power amplifier AM-8500B and a preamp AVP-8500B and am still confused about their specifications. I would be very thankful if somone can tell me such specs.


how can i plug in my amp so it doesn't suck all the juice from my car battery?

I have a Punch800, it has 4channel but I only have two speakers.Do I just connet the two speakers to 2 channels and leave the other two without anything?Or is there another way to connect the two speakers using all the 4 channels to get max output. Thanks.
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