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Went to check out a few stores and I am keen on Denon AVR3803 and Onkyo TXR 701. Can anyone be kind enough to give their views on the above 2 home theatre AV receivers. I intend to pair them with B & W 603 S II, Sub Woofer ASW1000 and AE Evo I for rear.


At their price points they are both fine units--choosing one over the other is strictly a matter of personal taste. Performance-wise they are pretty close---from chipsets to power.

I like the fact that the Denon weighs about 8-9 lbs more. However, many people do not like the Denon remote. If I were you I would check out both remotes and see which one you prefer. Afterall, unless you are using a Pronto or other top quality separate remote, you will be spending considerable time with your receiver remote. And there is almost nothing else that can sour your surround experience more than a remote you don't like.
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