Making a home stereo from scrap equipment


I have a boring Panasonic stereo with stock speakers, all fairly weak and non-exciting. I'd like to run the signal to a 90W Hartke Bass Amp that I found lying around, amplify it through that, and then send it out through some old Advent speakers. This is more boredom then trying to make a nice system. The following are problems I've run into that I need help with:
1. Can I get a converter to run speaker wire into a 1/4" jack?
2. After the signal leaves the Hartke Bass Amp, its coming out of 1/4" jack. If possible, I'd like to make it in stereo, but at least I need to get into speaker cable. How can I do this?
3. Is there anything else I need to know about this whole project?
Thanks to anyone who replies, good karma, and for those who don't, bad karma
- Bassist turned Electrician
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