2nd Zone 100 ft. Wire Run: Pre-Amp Outs or Amplified Signal?


I'm setting up a multi-zone home audio system with the second zone requiring approximately a 100 ft. wire run. Which will deliver better sound (considering both noise and power loss):

1. Run the 100 ft. (2 channel stereo) with a low voltage pre-amp out from my pre/pro, and provide LOCAL amplification to the speakers in the second zone.

2. Amplify the stereo signal locally, and run the amplified signal 100 ft. to the speakers in the second zone (I have 14 gage Monster Cable).

Which will deliver the best sound in my second zone? (Note: I haven't bought the amp(s) yet...)



There will be minimal difference between the 2 option.

Option 2 would be the cheaper. Option 1 would give you the benefit of more flexibility (ie separate volumn controls).

You will need to determine if the flexibility is worth the cost.

Thanks for your comments.

My pre-amp already has a second zone controller (volume control included)... so by your recommendation, Option 2 is better.

Question: If there are minimal differences between the two options, shall I assume that the losses (both noise as well as amplitude) on a 1 V signal (Opt. 1 / pre-amp) will be equivalent to those on the amplified signal (Opt. 2)?
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