5 Channel Amps


I have an older Marantz receiver (60x5) with pre-outs that I want to run into a 200x5, or something like that, amp. Two that I am looking at are the Anthem MCA-50 and the Rotel 1095.

I am open to look at others but these two are at the price I am willing to pay. Has any one done a side by side on these? I am powering a Paradigm Reference setup (studio/100,studio/cc,studio/ADP).

Running off this receiver is just an interim step, I will add a nice pre/pro sometime after the amp? So I want the amp to match nicely with an Anthem AVM-20 or something like that. I would like to hear what you have to say? Thanks!

Actually if you could spend $3000 for a 5 channel amp I would go with Sunfire. The Sunfire Cinema Grand has an enormous amount of power and runs good down to 2 ohms! Thats amazing for a 5 channel amp putting out 200+ watts/channel. Also, it runs super cool. I know that you can get a great deal at www.audiogon.com. It is a great site. I hope this helped and the paradigm reference are great speakers for the money and also the Anthem is a good bang for the buck amp but doesnt have the capabilities of the Sunfire.
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