ARCAM A85 or Krell KAV300i



Could you please give me your input concerning these two amplifiers. The price is exactly the same, however, the ARCAM, I can get a brand new one, yet the Krell is used. Which one should I pick.

Thank in advance,Ron

I would go for the krell. more value for money and its hellofva powerful!

Krell for sure, no questions asked! (Not because of its NAME! but I tried it 4 nights ago)
I just tried the Arcam yesterday at home for an audition it sounds nice, warm and nice but no where near the Kav300i(I mean no where remotely!)
It had major difficulty driving a low impedence speaker! so depending what your system the speaker particularly like the Sonus Faber Amator, the Arcam was a sad sounding amp! Trying hard and no dynamics at all but with the B&W 303 wow nice because of its 90 db!
The Krell even with my older Apogee Stages which drops down to 1.5 , not problem, good tight bass, good resolution and the built is just there, solid feel and to top it all you got good resale value for it to, it a KRELL! No questions asked the Krell KAV300i is not my favourite amp but it will kill the Arcam in every direction and it is very good value for the money definately when you are buying them used!

Go for the Krell. This tiny amp is packed with so much power, that you will not need much of an upgrade in the future , if your budget is tight.
Just let the amp. always stay on standby.
I tried using this amp to drive Sonus Faber Grand Piano... Wow... it can be compared to expensive pre/power setup... This fellow is really something
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