Question about Multi-room System


What would be my best option if I wanted to install a home theater/multi-room audio system. I was just going to buy a A/V receiver with a multi-room audio option and couple it with a multi-channel amp to run to my speakers through the house. Am I on the right track? Any other suggestions?

Let me understand your question. Are you saying that you want HT in one room and the ability to offer stereo sound in one or more other rooms? If so, how many other rooms?

One option...

Look for a receiver with a fixed line out (instead of variable line out, this will keep HT room volume adjustments from affecting the entire house). Instead of a multi channel amp take a look at the AudioSource Amp 3. This is a two channel amp rated at 150 watts stable down to 2 ohm loads (great for multiple speaker loads). Add impedeance matching volume controls at each room and your all set. Add up to 4 pairs of speakers and you should really be able to crank the volume. Add up to 6 pairs and you should still get decent voume levels in all rooms. Want more power, get a second Amp 3, put them both in bridged mode, one for each channel, and you will get 400 watts per channel. Even if you get the multi channel amp you would still want the volume controls in each room to adjust for room size and acoustics. I have never had any trouble out of the Amp 3's. Good luck, hope that helps.
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