Such thing as splitting a monophonic amp to 2 channels???


I have a question about a nice amp I found (Vincent SP 991 Class A) that is a monophonic amplifier with 300 W RMS at 8 ohms or at Class A power it is 1x100 W RMS at 8 ohms. This amp provides 1x XLR input + 1x Cinch selectable input... having a toroidal 1.500 W transformer, a total capacitance of 120.000 mF for energy storage and 24 power transistors from Toshiba... whatever that means.

I need a power amp to feed 2 front speakers... so here is the QUESTION: can I >>>SPLIT<<< a mono amp to power both my front left & right speakers? Though this is a nice amp, my main objective is powering 2 current-hungry dynaudio towers with a sensitivity of 86 dB and an average impedance of 5.3 ohms. Will I be able to play them in stereo or pro logic II sound if I use a reciever with pre-outs and this mono amp? And is it worth the hastle of trying to get this amp to feed 2 speakers (if it's even possible) or find another amp... a stereo amp?


p.s. Here's more info on the amp.

You can not do it. You may be able to power the 2 speaker but there will be no way to differentiate the to speakers and they will play the same sound. Also you will change the ohm load and possibly damage your speaker with distorted sound.
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