NAD A/V receiver and Outlaw Amp Combo. Hawk, G-Man, anyone?


Tell me which would be better.. A NAD T762 with 6 channels for about $1100 for my 4 ohm Polk LSi series 5 channel set-up. OR, a NAD T742 with 5 channels AND 2 Outlaw Audio M200 Monoblocks for the front LSi 15s about $1200-$1300 total. But I want that 6th channel (rear center) in the future, the 742 wouldn't be a good choice then would it?? Im not really sure how the seperate amps hook up anyways. Lookin for the most power, obviously.

OR, Maybe the NAD T742 A/V receiver and the 2 channel NAD C370 Amp for about $620, instead of the 2 Outlaw amps, I think the NAD amp is rated at 340 watts into 4 ohms.

The separates hook up the same way as having any separate amplifier. I would be suprised if there aren't sufficient outputs on the back of either NAD to accommodate any combination of amplifiers.

That said, if you are using a self-powered subwoofer in this set-up, I can't imagine that the NAD 762 isn't more than adequate to drive all the other speakers.

Also, you can always add 2 Outlaw Monoblocks or a NAD stereo amp at a later date if you sense any clipping--which I think is highly unlikely.

Is there a supply of power even running directly to the speakers from the receiver to help the seperate amp if a seperate amp is present?



I would get the 762. I think you will find that it has all the power you need for your Polk LSi speakers (at 4 ohms, the dynamic power of the 762 is 230 wpc x 6).

However, if you still want more power, get the 752 (not 742) now and then add the NAD 270 outboard amp later when you want to add a sixth channel. Use the 270 outboard amp to power the front main speakers and use the onboard amps to drive the rest of your six channel system. I checked the NAD manual for the 752 and it appears that it can be configured in this way.

However, I agree with G-Man that I would be very surprised if the NAD 762 receiver, by itself, would not be enough power.

Thanks guys, guess I just underestimated the 762s power output

If you added the 2 monoblocks later then would it be possible to bi-amp the fronts with the A/V receiver and the monoblocks, would there be a big difference, or if you added the stereo amp would you get the same results?
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