I need to know about the quality of Rotel integrated amps. I'm thinking about getting a rotel ra-972 amp, nad c521i cd player, and some speakers (probably wharfedales). Any thoughts about this combination? Please respond, even if you only have general comments about rotel, nad, etc...

Paul S.
I own a Rotel home theater and am very pleased with its sound and reliability.
My only suggestion would be to make sure you listen to these components together as a system. Have you looked at the Rotel cd players? As to speakers, B&W seem to be a very good match to the Rotel (Rotel does use B&W speakers in their lab for listening tests, maybe that's why).
Good luck!

I'm looking at at the Rotel 1065 reciever with paradigm speakers -the floor model series 60 and smaller series 20 rears. Is this going to be enough power? I'm not that far off from separates.Sunfire has a new reciever out with alot of power. Any thoughts!

Rotel do make good products for the money (Made in Taiwan started about 11 years ago but the quality control now is very good and sad to know the price has gone up too!
The ra-972 amp, nad c521i cd player would be a fine combination!
Questions is how big is your listening room? What kind of music turns you on? bookshelf or floorstanders and budget? Entry level bookshelves:
Acoustic Energy EVO1's or the B&W 303's are nice with good stands which will run you about $500 all in! I tried the EVO1's with a pair of $10,000 tube monoblocks and I could not believe it!(just for laughs)Engineering has made a good turn today.The Evo1 are super for the money, classy sound and good bass for the size.Good luck! Hope this helps
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