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I currently have a Denon 3803 receiver and am really into music. Would it make a huge difference in 2 channel stereo sound if I were to buy a good amp and use my 3803 as a pre-amp? If so what amp would you recommend, and do I have to break the bank to do so?

Thank in advance for your input.

You would have to spend quite a bit of money and the amp would have to be much more powerful for you to notice any difference. Unless your Denen isn't loud enough, I wouldn't recommend it. The Pre-amp section probably has more to do with its sound than the amp section.

Hope this helps.

I am looking for a 5-disk cd player and a 200(or more)watt reciever to power 2ea stereo speakers in one room and 2ea stereo speakers for another room in a hospital. Only problem is the components must meet an electrical safety requirement by having a 3-wire cord and 3-pronged plug. Where can I find these if they exist??? Any help would be appreciated.


when you say you want a 200 watt receiver, are you suggesting that is 200 watts per channel? If so, the list is very short--Sunfire and McIntosh. Be prepared to spend $4K for either. Both receivers use a high grade version of the three pronged cord like those used by personal computers. You can also upgrade the cord as it is detachable from the receiver, just like a personal computer.

BTW, you might find that you don't need that much continuous power so long as the receiver has that much transient power. Check out the NAD T762 receiver--it is 100 wpc (x 6 channels--but you only seem to need 4) continuous, but is capable of 200+ wpc on transients, which is most likely all that you need. It can be configured to give stereo sound into two different rooms (and they don't even have to be the same program--one room could be listening to the CD player and the other room could be listening to FM radio). MSRP is only $1300 and it has the same three pronged cord as the more expensive receivers referenced above.

They all sound really good.

As for 5 disk CD players, there are a lot of them out there. Set a budget and ask again.
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