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NAD 3200 volume knob and hissing soundsdhs5
Voltage conversion for home hi-fi componentsJohn Parker1
Flamenco powered ampdaniel mackenzie1
Nad C352 and B&W DM602.5S3Lasse Larsson4
More power on NAD C320BEESun King9
Powering 960wt ampjohn mullins3
Aux(MP3) input to amp but no aux input, please helpBerny7
Help w/ Onkyo TX870 amp protection circuitryBerny2
Simple questions about multi-PSUjohn mullins2
Help me hook up 2000 watt amp to home system please =)Berny4
Sony STR-V45 - sounds great, then quitsEric Ramsey10
Need help hookin speakers to my home.....rick quigley3
Parasound Zamp V.3Berny2
Amps on at all times?Eric Ramsey18
Really newbie questionbudget minded6
Reciever + Amp perfect match????budget minded9
Best amp for PSB Stratus mini?vince mirabelli5
Need Helpjimmy20113
Need an experts adviceBerny5
Marantz 1050 calling all owners Art Kyle5
Vibe subs n ampvibesubsuk1
Mutant subs and mutant 280sp ampstan the man 052
Best way to wire my ampFred Mandson1
Help, for the love of godjohn mullins4
Help with mp3 to amp.. no head unitBerny2
Wanted 5 channel amp carver/adcom/parasound/etc James Regmund1
Opinions: a/d/s multi-channel ampJames Regmund1
Can I bridge a Yamaha M-45 for center channel use?Jan Vigne2
Opinions on adcom, specif to gfa5802,gfp750budget minded3
Warming Up AmpJan Vigne6
Need advice add mono ampbudget minded6
Hum in my subwoofer.Dan Whitman3
Musical Fidelity A3.5 or A.5 integrated?Andy Summers3
1 input device - 2 NAD amps - 4 Speakers - 2 roomsStu Pitt5
AV Receiver using Pre-outs to Carver to Drive B &W Matrx etc.Jan Vigne3
Amplifier add-on?Berny2
Will this amp work for these subsBerny9
Is Pyle Good, PT4000?budget minded6
NAD T973 with Outlaw 990 Preamp setup for HTBerny7
Recommended Amplifier for Sony CDP-CX355Kevin Summers4
Help using integrated amp as power amp!budget minded7
Advice on new amp pleasebudget minded10
Stereo Amp querries....budget minded6
Please Help me with my Preamp!!!budget minded3
Protection modeJan Vigne3
Muted sound from speakersJan Vigne11
Opinions please - upgrading systembudget minded5
Rotel RB-1080 or Anthem MCA 20Michael1
2 amplifiers but only 1 receiver ?Benoit Pasnin1
Connecting 3 8-ohm speakers to ampJan Vigne4
Just got my Cambridge Audio Azur 340a amp, also see my Cambridge Au...Trevor Goldman1
Advise: Static Through Speakers When Volume Turned to Lowes Setting?budget minded25
Please help me find a receiverbudget minded13
What is Channel Separationbudget minded8
Valve amplifiersJan Vigne11
Need help with my amp kenwood KAC-606jonathan alonso1
Leaving Quad for Krell/Levinson?John A.13
I Need Help Connecting a guitar through the computerbudget minded3
Suggestions for a building a new system.budget minded9
Powering ampswildcat4
Building house, need whole house audiodhs2
NAD 2140 or NAD 7155vallentino felix3
Crown XLS-62Tobo Boto4
8 ohm works 4 Doesn't /tube ampdavid burwin12
I have a memphis 250 class d ampjoseph coulson2
Hifonics BX2005D Anonymous2
Cd connection on vintage ampJaime Garcia3
Schematic for Kenwood Integrated amp model: KA-880DTareq1
My amps is acting really werid......joseph coulson2
Bi ampingDanman2
Hooking up 3 amps with one power lead to battery?Rudy H Kalandros1
Amplifier for ceiling speaker system: any suggestion?Jan Vigne2
Push pull/triod configJan Vigne9
Marantz PM75 Sundaramurthy3
Having a Hard time finding an amp.. Please helpgrantham3
Another amp QuestionBerny2
NAD & Monitor Audio Combo RocksBill Mike Odom12
B & K vs Arcam vs Athem vs RotelDexter1
Looking for 4-channelPanathas131
Can I play through my computer?Anonymous14
Quick questionArt Kyle4
Amp attitudesJan Vigne2
Help building cd-player ampJexx21
Nad C370 / C372 Anything else I should consider?Danman14
Apline MRD 301 Amp helpKim McLean1
Cash for your systemnobody1
Pioneer a-77x informationJaime Garcia1
NAD C320BEE Upgrade Advicesonny11
What to buy i'm new!!!Art Kyle4
NAD Adviceunbridled id2
CapacitorsEric Ramsey9
Not enough powerCory skoda16
Power cord upgrade. Worth it??Danman22
Cambridge Audio AmpRory C3
Adcom, Hafler, or B&K with my JBL XPL-200 speakers?Hafler Owner4
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