Good decent subwoofer for no more than $200?


I'm currently shopping for a subwoofer. I need advices/suggestions on where to get a good/decent subwoofer for about $200, no more than $250. I'm in Los Angeles, Alhambra area. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Sony sells a sub. It's part number ends in "40" like sm-40. It is a 10 inch sub that typically costs $150. Sometimes Best Buy has it on sale for $99. Also, look for some of the 8" subs from Energy, Mirrage, Mission. They can be found for around $250.

The Sony's are the SA-WM20 (8") and the SA-WM40 (12") You can get the 40 on eBay for under $100 and the 20 for under $75. The review of the 40 is at,SA-WM40/PRD_124407_2741crx.aspx

and the 20 is,SA-WM20/PRD_141065_2741crx.aspx

The 40 is an Editor's Pick - really pumps out the bass for the money. I'm trying to decide between the two myself. I'll let you know if I find them cheap!

Thank you Derek and Frank. Please let me know ur pick and where/how much you got it for. Thanks... Really appreciate it.


Frank Vasquez
Al - My mistake - I have been trying to get the 40 on eBay, and they seem to be hovering around the $139 mark + shipping ($35). You can always go to or and do some merchant searches. I have found that will ship you the 40 for $160. That's a pretty good deal since eBay seems to be around $170+ with shipping.

Whoohoo! I just picked up an Energy S8.2-1 for 150 bucks at Brandsmart. Even the sales guys had to take a second look. It was an open box item and I didn't get a manual. I am supprised it's larger than my Athena sub though not as clean sounding. But it works just fine.
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