Got my hands on some speakers... what do I do now?! I'm clueless here


Here's my situation.. I've done car audio for some time now.. and after completing my system in my car I want to turn inside and concentrate on building up my home system.

Recently by chance I aquired a pair of Dahlton KV1500TI's.. website with specs here..

I have a sony DVD player, VCR, RCA 32inch TV an these speakers. Of course I'm not done getting whatever else I need and in reality I dont have a clue what else I need. Power wise, signal processing wise. I"m clueless. Anyone that knows a lot about building custom systems please IM me on AIM at sbracer15 or reply on here with what you would recommend.

how did u aquire the dahlton speakers?

I'm guessing a couple of guys in a van, but that is just a guess.

are the speakers from the guys in the van legit?

Steve, For a reciever/processor/surround unit, I,ll suggest the one I own.It was recommened by
Consumer Reports last Nov. In power, features
and actual use its a honey. Got mine on line
for $228.00. Its the Panasonic SA-He100.It will
power 6 speakers at up to 100watts each.So for
starters (at minimum) you'll need 5 sets of
speakers to get a feal for surround sound. The
addition of a self powered subwoofer would enhance
the low bass and not rob the amplifier of power.
Thats what is called 5.1 (.1 for the subwoofer)
You can go to 6.1 setup with one rear center.
Inputs are standard RCA,Digital coax and optical.
For the price this unit ranks with others at the
$500 and up range. Hope this helps.

I have a pair od Dahlton Speakers *KV-2500TI Audio Video Towers* Never been used and still in their original boxes.

More Info at

Best offer !!!

Retail is $1795.00

I have a pair od Dahlton Speakers *KV-2500TI Audio Video Towers* Never been used and still in their original boxes.

More Info at

Give Me your Best offer !!!

Retail is $1795.00

All Instructions and Hardware included +++ Warranty

Go to this website to see what people have to say about Dahlton speakers. If you bought them from a guy out of the back of a white van, and I'm guessing you did, then I hate to say it but you got taken...

i'll buy any dahlton speakers email me if you want to sell new orm used.

I sell these dahlton speakers

Yea I had a man and woman apoach on this date and were in a van gave similar story about selling speakers and I told them I would take a sub for 350 and so they agreed I later checked out the company it was real and so was the phone number so I took speaker apart and was constructed well! I tried the sub out at home and shakes the whole house just on low and quality is great! speaker also had a serial plate with aditional info on it so I would have to say its gotta be a real one WOOT! Lucky me however have to say I am sad to here that others like me were actually ripped off I am just glad I had a lucky day and I enjoy my new Dhalton 4.5 sub oh yea!

To the last anonymous poster:
Are you the guy in the van? Are you trying to convince people you are legit? You bought first and then asked questions later? Sounds realistic...

To the last anonymous moron HELL NO I dont sell hot items! I just had a lucky day I feel sorry others like me got ripped of with fake speakers but oh well life is life and I am still enjoying my Dahlton 4.5 sub! Thx for ur stupidity anyhow.

'Feel sorry for others like me got ripped is life' Let's ignore the obvious for a second and address my next question: did you get ripped off or not? Are your speakers fake or not? How do you know who is going to be a candidate for this scam when you approach people?

I hate to break it to you, but I got not only the subwoofer, but the ENTIRE (5 speakers and Sub) for only $400. After I did the research I found out that I was taken and got my money back. I suggest you do the same.. Quickly.

A friend of mine just called to let me know he got a great deal on a pair of Dahlton kv1500ti for $300 from the back of the van deal. I told him I dont know crap about Dahltons since my system at home is Bose/JBL. Anyway, I read the posts on this site as tried to enquire if he really got a good deal. I guess he got screwed. Well now I got to break the bad news to him. By the way, he's located in the Pembroke Pines area of Florida so look out fellow audiophiles. Oh last thing, how can I tell if he got a real one or a fake? My guess is it's fake because of the story he was told about "extra" speakers given for delivery from the warehouse bull.

got a pair of KV 1500 ti for sale. still in box and with warranty. you make first offer!

Atom Bomb
That's hilarious! I've seen the white van/speaker
guys on both coasts now. Same story...they roll
up in traffic or a parking lot, side door slides
open with some guy sitting on boxes there...
I reach for the .357...they say "Hey, you
wanna buy some speakers?" I say "Got no money
man, thanks anyway." Idiots. They really need
to work on their approach.
Kind of reminds me of those cologne hawkers from
a few years ago. (remember them? Always sneaking
up on you through the cars in Wal-Mart
parking lots asking you what kind of cologne
you wear. It's amazing I never beat the crap
out of a single one of them.
Self defense against the shady hucksters...)
Needless to say, I never fell for it either.
Something was just too fishy about it from the
start. I'd sooner buy from a crack head.
At least you know it's real merchandise,
even if it is stolen.

If anyone wants to find out about Dahlton Speakers and the other manufacturers of questionable marketing techniques go to and look up

"white van speaker scam"

or click

There are several companies that use this technique to sell speakers. They are not stolen, this is just how they sell speakers. They don't use store front because then you would be able to find the seller when you want your money back. The cost to the seller on those speakers is about $50 each for the towers so anything else you paid for them was gravy for the drivers.

Just a note to anyone buying speakers. never buy without listening and no reputable speaker company puts the price on the box.

Honestly if you paid $200 or less for the pair then you probably paid a fair price for them because they sound like $200 speakers, not spectacular but better than your tv speakers. Probably not any worse than current Sony or Technics.

I just bought a set of kv-2500 out of a white van at 2 pm wed the 14th in harrington delaware.

I just bought a pair of the towers myself...white van and all. I guess I came out alright though since I only paid $100 for the pair. I still havn't taken them out of the box yet, but I figure how bad can they be for that price. I'll let you know what I find once they are plugged in. Alpharetta, GA

While I would never recommend anyone buy speakers from the back of a van I think we're past that now. Besides this subject was beat to death, exumed, violated and tossed in the sewer in another thread on this forum. Do you have amp or receiver? Are you looking to go just music or are you thinking of Home Theater? Since you listed your DVD and VCR you seem to be asking HT questions. Assuming the Dahltons you got are the real thing the sensitivity is slightly low which means you'll need something with some power behind it. There's plenty of those so the next question is; how much you wanna spend? The obvious choices are Denon, Harman Kardon, or my particular favorite at this time the Onkyo TX-SR800 which is quite possibly the best A/V receiver under $1000 and will be the next piece of electronic equipment I buy.

Hello- Just like to let u know white Van in Central Jersey hitting Home depot parking lots..Co-worker of mine bought 2 pair of KV2500ti towers for $500.00...Plugged them in and sound like the $50.00 speakers that they are........Worse part about it is he had the nerve to charge me $300.00.....I gave them back and demanded my money back ..I will give him copy of this after i receive my cash.......SO BEWARE ! He has a Black Jeep Grand Cherokee..........

I recently had the same "scam" scenario done on me... but I got a Cerwin-Vega 6 piece surround sound system and 2 Dahlton KV 2500 ti's for $380. Hooked up the Cerwin-Vega's so far and they sound fine. Have yet to use the Dahlton's...but after reading these posts I am anxious to find out. Just in case I see the two guys in the van again before I test them I will probably kick the crap out of them....

I had a couple of guys tell me the same thing in Austin, TX. Igot a pair of the DahltonKV2500 for $350. I got home, looked them up and saw all of this scam stuff. So I hooked them up to see for myself and was pleasantly suprised by the amount of bass and clarity of highs they produced. I still dont think they ever had extras but Im glad I got a set. I cant wait to see them again and get one of those subs for my TV.

Not too bad but then again I'm not a bigg audio person. They told me 350.00 I said 200.00. Deal

Yup same scam here in cenral jersey. anyone have ANY and i mean ANY information about thier company let me know asap. Thanks

same here in St. Louis....there is even in an ad in the newspaper for them....$350...I called and he said he bought them and can't use them...likely sales approach.

just bought a pair of dalhton2500ti for $292.00 today and i hope after reading all this crap about scams that i didnt get taken for a sucker. but my guess is i did!!i have not yet had time to hook them up to listen to. so if the company is not legit where exactly do the speakers come from. i recieved a reciept with the companies name on it with a phone number. also a warranty on them. so did i get taken or not? let me know someone, thank you.

Kurt Bozler
My friend bought the speakers from the lady in St. Louis out of the newspaper. She gave him a receipt that showed she paid $300 for them and said to mail it in to DM Enterprises and that is how to get your warranty. We hooked them up and they are excellent sounding. Blew away his sony speakers he paid $300 for at Best Buy. When asked how she got them she said her husband is a truck driver and picked them up along the way!! With a receipt so i guess its a legit deal??? We were curious what kind of setup they had in their house and all we saw was a 19" TV and an old stereo.

I just bought a pair of dalhton2500ti from Chino Hills, CA from the back of a SUV, white two people man and woman.


Welcome to Texas. I'm from Houston and bought a pair for $200. They were trying to get $600 out of me at first and were doing anything to make me get that money. Finaly walking off, the bald guy just gave them to me for $200. Yes it was too good to be true, thats why I looked it up and found this site. I had to borrow the other $100 from my friend that day and they even followed me all the way to his house to get that $100. I wished I would have looked this site up at his place before I made the purchase. I may have been able to call the police and get these guys. Well so much for that. Hopefully I'll get that $200 worth out of them.

Anon form APR 10th--
Still have my 4.5 sub frkn ROcks. For people telling me I got ripped off yea right. I just got a lucky break. My Sub it run through a 350w X 5 aiwa stereo system. Just off that little bit of power It shakes the house and makes me feel like I am in the theater! So for the 350 Dollars I payed I say thx to the company who sold me my sub. It is of superb Sound. Way better than most expensive systems I have heard in stores.


Hmm. Time to go scam all the pawn shop owners -- that's better than e-bay!!!

My boyfriend bought a set of the 2500 series speakers from the guys in the van......
you know the story. Anyway, he hooked them up and they sound awesome. Paid $260 for them, and does not regret it. Maybe this was just a "good" set.
Would like to know who actually makes the speakers, not just where they sell them if anyone knows.

Bye the way...
last "anonymous" is from Douglsaville, GA.
Yes, they are hitting up the small towns!

Hi Im looking at this because I just bougth a pair of dahlton 500 w two days ago from the gays on the van. I live in New Jersey. And they told me the same story I'm reading here ... extra pair... w warranty... I paid 300 doll I just hook them on and they sound great! I can turn the volume all the way up and they still sound nice. Neverthelles I don't know if I was ripped off, or not becauce I don't know the real value of this things. Can Anyone here tell me where can I gen some imformation on this?

Well Damn I was just cruising threw checking out how to or what the best way to hook up car speakers to my home et system and find myself stuck in all the stories about how people got ripped off and how much people actually came out with a gain in the so called scam and I think that over all this company... who ever they are, are actually selling a good product! fyi guys there might be people reading crap like this and thinking how easy it would be to do the same with crappy speakers.. Well that's just my 2 cents worth all in all though I'm glad I landed upon this forum... I think if I saw these people in white suv or van I would precede with caution and try to get a good deal like any other person out there and if they asked for some beer $$$ well, DAMN I'd probably drink with them. WELL JUST KEEP CUATIOUS AT ALL TIMES YOU NEVER KNOW WHATS AROUND THE CORNER. WEATHER GOOD OR BAD.


Kyle Noonan
I am the leader of the speaker scam and I am sorry. For a refund send me your speakers, then you will get your money back ASAP. Please ship with insurance to prevent damage so that I can repackage them and sell them to other suckers.

Kyle Nonnan
1121E West Broadway
Columbia, MO 65203

You know, I almost sent my speakers back to Kyle - until I noticed that he isn't sure how to spell his own name....

sup guys,
im here in central jersey just got some great dahltons 2500 for 240 bucks and i also gave him some shitty bazooka subs i had lying around because i didnt want to throw them out. anyway i am listening them and they are awesome sounding... my neighbor just complained on how loud it was.... as a side not this is the second time i have encountered these types of guys and the second time i bought awesome speakers and subs from them...

well they better hope they don't meet me again, I've played baseball and football all my life, and I think I'll start carrying around a bat in my truck, if I find these guys again, i'm gettin my money back, one way or another, neone know if they've got ne weapons on them?

Shee! Guys, if you buy off the back of a truck, you know it's a bit sus. Don't get mad when you find out you were right - it's your own fault.

No-one is forcing you to buy these speakers. The van guys might be very persuasive, but you can always walk away.

If you got lucky and got good speakers, then you were lucky. If not, then you were conned; learn from it. But don't go blaming someone else for your gullibility/stupidity.

larri lem
these people are now in Los Angeles as a man in an SUV just tried to sell me Dahlton speakers just a few hours ago. Not happening...i told him I would take his number and research the internet first. Needless to say i gave him a call back to let him know i know his scam but there is no answer.

shiznit, bought them today... hopefully they are good

I've bought from the same guys in van and I knew at the time it was a sales pitch. I bought a bass box and the tower speakers. One of the tower speakers has an inoperable side speaker. The other speakers sound great. Does anyone know how or where I can get one of the side speakers? I got warranty papers with the speakers but I can't get thru to the company.

Just bought them Friday in Central Jersey, same scam. They don't sound bad, I put them up against my Polk Audios and the quality was the same. In fact I couldn't even tell the difference 2500KI. These speakers are probably quality made but they just don't have the advertising and brand recognition.

these guys are in Canada too. Calgary anway. I paid $250 they were trying hard for $800 but i wasnt paying that. What the hell are Dahltons???? Up here the guys in the mini van are pushing Theater Research - like those are anything either. Regadless I'm glad I paid only $250 cuz their worth that much anymore and you i would of felt ripped off. All and all its a scam! Oh well!!!

Hello, i wanted to let everyone know that i spent two days riding around in the back of a hot white van sitting on a box of these speakers watching these guys work. I would have to say that it is not a scam, but hussling it is. Anything they get over $200 a pair they get to keep. Also they make a base salary of $100 if they sell 7 pairs of speakers. It only took me two days to decide that i did not want to do that for a living. They only paid me for one day so i feel like i got hussled also. That is why i am posting their information here if anyone wants to call and complain. There is never anyone there during the daytime. The guys are there from about 8-9am and again around 7-8pm. They usually like to hang around the warehouse late in the evenings partying and drinking beer. T.M. Enterprise 6350 McDonough Drive Suite F Norcross, GA. 770-446-8990.

What's up guys,

Just bought me the subwoofer package. Av 5/1 or something like that. They got me in Baytown, a small town near Houston. I hooked them up to a little Aiwa system also and they sound ok. I'll admit, I knew something was up, I just thought if they were for 1,799, like they showed me on a brochure, that I would at least be able to double my money, so I got them. I don't really need them, but I guess I got suckered into this scam. Went to a couple of pawn shops and they weren't interested at all. They were in a Black beat up Navigator, with New Hampshire plates, and smelled like they had been smoking some major weed all day long. I'll sell them if anybody wants them for 200, what I paid for them, if not then I guess I'm stuck with them, oh well, like I said, they sound ok.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: If you are approached by a van with several guys inside trying to sell you home stereo speakers, DO NOT BUY THEM. They are just trying to take you for all they can. These are very, very cheaply made speakers that they claim were extras on their load that day and they have to get rid of them for a deal. I spent two days riding around with these guys to see if i wanted to join their company. I did not. I seen them both days using the exact same line and story on every one they approached. It starts out with "HEY BUDDY, CRAZY QUESTION FOR YA, WOULD YOU LIKE A BIG PAIR OF SPEAKERS FOR YOUR HOUSE? iKNOW IT SOUND A LITTLE LEFT FILED, BUT MY DISTRIBUTOR MARKED ME OFF WITH TWO EXTRA SETS AND I'M NOT TAKING THEM BACK (While they are flashing you a fony invoice supposedly showing the mistake. They make these up each and every morning before they leave the warehouse)COULD YOU USE A PAIR FOR A DEAL?" If you do not say no immediately then they tell you "PULL OVER I'LL SHOW THEM TO YOU" If you are gullable enough to even pull over and get out of your car, then the guy that hollered at you jumps out and slides the side door open and starts his pitch about how wonderful these speakers are. "HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF HOME ENTERTAINMENT?" A fake magazine that shows a glossy picture on page 2 of these Dahton KV 2500 ti speakers listing for $1,795 a pair. They tell you that they are the best and because of such they can only be ordered through the catalog. They start you off at asking $600 for the pair. The least i seen them take was $200. the most i seen them get were $240. Basically anything they get over $200 a pair they keep and split. So if someone was to buy their first pair for $400, then they both just made $100 each and anything else they make the rest of the day is just icing on the cake. They can easily make $400-$500 a day a piece if they can sell enough for over $200 a pair. They will track you down in parking lots, at the drive through of your bank, even while you are just turning into a parking lot or street. They will wave and flag you down to get your attention and give you their spill about the speakers. Then if you basically shut them down immediately with a rude NO, they usually will make an obscene geasture and drive off. On one ocassion, i even saw a guy trade a pair of speakers for $200 and a bag of pot. I wanted nothing to do with people like that. Most of the times they will be in white vans, but this company also had a blue van. If you come out of a store and you notice a van circling the parking lot or weaving through all of the cars, then either go back inside an inform the manager or try to avoid them at all costs. Once they convence you to hear their spill, you are basically conned into buying the speakers. If you are like me and you live paycheck to paycheck, then do not let these idiots take your hard earned money for crappy speakers. Anyone living in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area that has been taken by these scam artists can find them at T.M. Enterprise 6350 McDonough Drive Suite F Norcross, GA. 770-446-8990. The owners name is TOM. You can complain, but more than likely by the time you read this, it has already been several months or more and you have no claim to get your money back. Please spread the word around to your friends and family to avoid this scam. Best of luck!

Yo, me and my boy were driving down the street on 9/25/03 in "Modesto, Ca" and 2 guys pulled up while we were at a stop light. They were driving a white SUV, i think it was a suburban or tahoe. The driver had long brown hair and a barb wire tatoo. The passenger had short black hair. They had almost a similar pitch, however, they said that they had some extra speakers and home entertainment system and wanted to sell them before they met up with there boss, because they did not want the boss's son to come up on them. My boi bought the home entertainment system for $190. But we'll see wussup. (CrIp CoUz)

Philly, PA... Just bought a pair of the infamous 2500ti tower speakers for $300 - I don't even need speakers but thought I was getting a great deal on $1,800 speakers. My only thought at this point is.... what a dumbass I am to believe this horseshit. Even if the speakers turn out to be OK, who buys speakers without listening to them first?! I find only a small amount of consolation in the fact that I am not alone.

As it has been passed down from generation to generation since the first Roman bought a fake toga from a traveling salesman:

"Caveat Emptor" (buyer beware)

...but if I see those motherf@ckers again, it is they who should beware the WRATH and the PAIN I will bring down on them like fire and brimstone from the depths of HELL. Or maybe I'll just sell them some swampland in the Everglades.

I just got riped off today with this scam.. 9/02/2003 The same old story.. It was two guy's in a white van in the Lowe's parking lot... They got me for $ 300.00 for the pair...I fell so stupid -- it's funny.. Killeen Texas

hey i got a dhalton 2500ti speaker. cant fit 2 in my house. if some of u guys like the speakers so much ill sell it to you $100. i live in central jersey. havent tried em out. you want it its yours. have a nice triangle of speakers going. email me

Hey, we got a pair of Dahlton 2500ti speakers today from 2 guys in a parking lot in Central California. After reading all these posts it sounds like the scam is happening on the East coast. We Hooked them up and they don't sound bad at all. $200 bucks- don't feel like we got ripped off, they sound pretty good, nice looking to.

I purchased a set of Dahlton KV-2500's from two punks about a month ago in the ATL for $200/pair. I took them home and hooked them up to my Sony A/V reciever and the reciever didnt do them any justice. I sold that reciever and purchased a Harman Kardon and hooked them up using 12 guage Monster wire and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! Loud and clear during music and movies. I've been reading a lot of post where people have been complaining about the performance of these speakers(the ones who actually hooked them up). I guess I got the runt of the bunch.......

Santa Cruz, Ca. Two guys in a light brown van. I think there was another van also. Selling Dahlton 2500's.

yeah so i bought 2 sets of the 2500 towers for 350 each and they both work awesome! i was pretty pissed when i first found out about the scam but once i hooked them up i didnt care at all mine are just fine. better then my old ones atleast. in anycase i bought the other pair to sell, (since i got them for such a good deal) i thought id turn around and sell the other pair. so if anyones interested in buyin a pair that actaully works just fine email me at

i was typing to fast and spelled hotmail wrong my bad. my email adress is

Got approached by 2 guys in a white van today. Exact same spiel, word for word as posted by a guy further up. It was in the Lowes parking lot in Norcross Ga. 2 Lowes employees came out and threatened to call the police if they didn't leave immediately. I guess they frequent the place. Didn't buy the speakers.

in Switzerland the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Swiss guys white swiss rent van

first 1000.- (swiss money ) late half price

Hey guys. I just bought a set. They went through the whole scam as described. I paid $200 for them and I even made the guys hook them up and let me listen to them before I bought them. I liked the sound and the bass kicked good for me. I think I made out, even if they were only made for $50 a set, but isn't that what most companies do? Buy for little, sell for more? Lol, I could even put them in the paper for $700 and not give the name and I'll get my money, plus more, back. Also, I am interested in being a speaker "salesman" in York, PA. Anyone "salesman" out there want to hook me up with a job? My email is Anyway, they are worth my $200, I'm just curious as to on how long they will last.

Trainers wanted in Montreal
$5-$15 a set + accomodations for the right peeps

Montreal has the best clubs and t*tty bars in the world!!
ask for Gusto 450 629 6696

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