Mission M74


Has anybody had the chance of to use the M74 speakers. I would appreciate it there are any info. on how good or bad this speakers are! Whant to buy a pair.

I had finally made my mind up. After several demos I was going to buy B&W 603s, until I walked into the shop and, the assistant asked have you heard these Mission 74. Both speakers were set up alongside each other run with TEAC Amp and CD/DVD player and playing bassy dancefloor sounds. The B&Ws were good, bassy and vibrant but the Mission's were more controlled and balanced. The bass did not upstage the vocals and you could hear each instument clearly. I can't wait to bi-wire them but I should warn you that the speakers are large for small rooms and may not perform as wished - so be careful.

the 74s are great i love them , they sound better bi wired ; give them a week or two to run them in chances are they sound crap in the shop

I just came back from the store. The B&Ws are fine speakers but the m74s are half the price and I think they sound better. The B&Ws are indeed more bassy but the mission m74s -although a bit less loud- are excellent in terms of sound quality. I compared the speakers using Pink Floyd, Moby, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday and some classical tunes and I'll go for the m74s.
There were some Klipsch cone speakers in the shop as well that were really louder (and more expensive) but you had to listen to the distortion (you don't have to be an expert). Esp. classical music was A-MA-Zing with the m74s.

I have the M74 as my mains in my 7.2 system. They are very good, like the guy said before give them a while to even out, they will screem at you a bit at first. Dont worry about the bass, bass is easy to enhance by using a sub but your mids and highs are here to stay. I use my denon amp to cut them at 80hz the bass goes to my two MK subs. When run like this they are so clean in the mid range. Best of all they sound twice as good for half the price.

i disagree

the m74 is a lot of speaker for the cash and perhaps good value for what you get there great as main speakers in a av set up (which mine are) however playing music other than rock or dance THEY SUCK!!
theres plenty of bass plenty drive but there simply not musical enought to set my toes tapping
i own a pair of mission 773es and they leave the m74s for dead in every department other than bass my freind has a pair of MISSION 780 ARGONAUT which are 20 years old and they also sound miles ahead of the m74
dont get me wrong theyare great in an av system just not in a proper hifi set up
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