Wharfedale Pacific Evolution -- worth it?


Rob Gomes
Well, this is my first shot at home theatre, and I'm trying to keep costs "sane", but not trying to cheap out.

For a receiver I've decided on the Onkyo TX-SR800, but for speakers I'm still very undecided.

I like the Wharfedale Pacific Evolution's, and my father said he used to own Wharfe's back in the 60's. For $1300 for an entire 5.1 set, it seems like a steal.

I've also had my eye on the Jamo E800PDD setup as well, but the price ($2000 - $2500) is scaring me away.

My budget for wiring, Rx, and speakers is only about $2500, does this seem like a good combination? Thanks.

Yes you can get a system with that price, but remember you get what you pay for. It all depends on what kind of system you want...wharf's are ok but not for that much...back in the 60's they were good, but now its ok...I got a system for sale..they are B&W...ask anyone they will tell you they are awesome..hi-end..I own a custom home theater business in florida...if you need anything or questions, just ask I will lend you some knowledge..as for my system...check out the post for B&W CDM...I got a pair of CDM7nt and CDMNT center, and lM1 surround all of this is dark cherry ..email me if interested : salehts@yahoo.com



If you haven't made a purchase yet, seriously consider the Wharfedale Pacific Evo's. My dad purchased a set (towers, center, and surrounds...not the DFS cinema surrounds!) for surround and DVD audio. He auditioned many speakers including some Velodynes; the Pacific Evos for less than half the Velodynes sound better in his house than the Velodynes did in the audio shop's designed audition room.
I don't want to knock B&Ws because they are fine speakers, but if you are working on a budget, seriously consider the Wharfedales.

BTW, I may be biased; however I have owned several different speakers from the Wharfedale lineup (Diamond 7.2s, Opal 90s, Pacific Pi's), and unless you have as much money into acoustical paneling in your room as you do in speakers, these are an excellent purchase for the limited budget.

Put the extra money you save into a better amp.


Fluance on www.ebay.com for better deal

I got warfedale pacific evo 8 and I'm very happy
with the sound. It's very alike Quag 11L. It works perfect with Arcam 82T player and rotel 1060 amp. I have in plain to move in bigger apartment and get pair of evo30 and make ultimate home cinema system! B&W is great solution but it's more expensive. I think that Evo package is best for music and movie in class.

I got some evo 30s. Bass is huge!

Michael Kandilakis
I'm interested in Wharfedale EVO series as well. I have an opportunity to purchase 4 EVO-8s,EVO-C,and EVO 12 Sub for $1,100.
I have an Onkyo TX-SR800 Reciever as well. I know there are better recievers out there, but I was working with a budget and a baby on the way.

Kay Sie
Hey rob, when you say 1300 for the entire set -which set of speakers in the evo series are you referring to and where did you get this deal?

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