Wharfedale Zaldek 2000


ok ive been shoping around for some wharfdale speakers and i came across the atlantic, valudus, and the zaldek series.
im not a big technical buff when it comes to sound systems. but the price range varies alot, atlantic beening the most expensive and zaldek the cheapest.

the only big difference is that the zaldek 2000 has 2 horns, 1 for high one for mid, so whats the difference between a dome tweeter and a horn?
other differences are that the zaldek has 2db less sensitivity then the atlantic, and the zaldek Suggested amplifier power (RMS max.)is 50 watts more then the atlantic.

im a home dj into dance music, but also into tool and other alternative bands.

so what do you guys think?

IF YOU ARE GOING IN FOR WHARFEDALES,GO IN FOR HE SAPPHIRE SP 87. I have auditioned all and find these the best in the mid hifi floorstander category. if u have more money you can try out the emerald series.

I have no experience with Saphire series, but I set-up Zaldek 1000 and Diamond 8.3 in parallel via speaker sekector with amplifier protector, the result was so good that I ordered another 2 pairs of Zaldek 2000. The horns and the 8" base is superb for playback of brass and drum in Pop and Rock, the bass is so good that I can turn of my subwoofer. TAD TSM 300 is the only thing can better this combination but cost 250% more...
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