Best subwoofer for about $350?


I'm putting a receiver and speakers together for stereo/home theater. I have the receiver and the front, rear and center speakers picked. But now I'm looking for the subwoofer. I have heard Klipsch. It tended to sound "boomy". I would like more of a "tight", "musical" subwoofer. I have heard the Polk PSW350. It sounded OK. The 350 (10") and 450 (12") models are getting cleared out and getting replaced by a PSW303 (8") and PSW404 (10") respectively. Has anyone heard the new subs?

Any ideas for other subs?

Nelson A
I heard the PSW350 and the new polk PSW404 at the store, the PSW404 sounded much better (cleaner and more powerful)it could handle the low notes alot better. The PSW350 would pop when it couldnt handle certain notes, but the PSW404 had no problem handling those notes. I maybe a 10" driver, but it sounded like an 11", tight bass with rumble when needed. I like it so much that instead of paying $299 CDN for the PSW350, i paided $599 CND for the PSW404.

Hope this helps

Paradigm PDR 8,10 or 12 depending on your budget. I have a PDR 12 that I paid 425 canadian for. This has long been one of the top rated budget subs. It is very musical and accurate for the price. 12 inch 110 w (300 peak). Not to say there are not other good ones but if you want accuracy and tight bass rather than demo room boom this could be that way to go

I like the Velodynes. The Paradigms were nice too. I can't really say which is better--I didn't listen to them side-by-side since they were at different stores. But between Polk and Velodyne, Velodyne was better. I'd stay away from 8" subs. Definately 10" or 12". 8" will bottom out easier.

If you are looking for the best subwoofer on the planet for the money, go to Better yet, go to and read over 90 rave reviews for the VTF-2 thatcan be purchased direct from the HSU for about $500.00

Instead of HSU, I'd go with SVS, the new HSU-beaters (and Polk, and DefTech...). Factory direct products that are better than HSU, and cheaper.

anyone who is looking for a good subwoofer witch is not real pricey for 500 dollars you should get the cerwin vega rl-28w i bought one and it is one of the best subs i have ever bought i have a stereo system with 15 speakers and this one sounds the most clean out of the psw350 and other high dollar subs that i paid almost three times as much for. so if you want to know more about the subwoofer you can contact me at

For the Velodyne series which size would best in a smaller room. I like a lot of bass for my system, so I was thinking about going wtih the 10" woofer but im not sure how boomy that will if it will get boomy at all. I heard that the Velodyne subwoofer really dont get boomy they just get louder. So if someone could tell what size would work best in a 12' by 12' room, thanks.

Any differences in the Velodynes? I see lots of people recommending them, but no models. I looked at their site, and it looks like they have 6 different 10" subs...

Also looking at HSU and SVS, any thoughts?

Is there any advantage, or by contrast disadvantage, to getting a forward firing sub(VTF-3) versus a downward firing sub(VTF-2 and SVS cylinders)? I am planning on putting this on carpet and I am curious if one is better than the other. Also, any comments on cylinder vs. cube?
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