Alternative To Bose Speakers???


I am considering purchasing Bose Speakers (model no. AM10 III) for my home entertainment center. They are a bit pricey so I am also considering JAMO speakers (model no. A 510ADD) but I am unfamiliar with JAMO.

Is there an equally good alternative to Bose and JAMO which I am not considering which are a bit less expensive too?

P.S. The speakers need to be white.

Check out this link before buying Bose.
This guy seems to know his stuff and doesn't have anything nice to say about Bose.

I think that cambridge soundworks makes white speakers...I'm not sure about Polk.

An equally good alternative to the Bose speakers would be impossible because as far as i know there is no other manufacturer who would have the balls to charge so much for so little. Please do yourself a favour and consider ANYTHING else.

John Slope
Try the newer Mirage Omnisat speakers. Pretty god for the price

John Slope
Try the newer Mirage Omnisat speakers. Pretty good for the price

I'm using Klipsch Quintet's. A little bigger than the Bose speakers, but the sound is like night and day. As others have said, anything is better than bose. And as the saying goes, ain't got no highs, ain't got no lows, must be bose.

Go for the AM10 III
it's worth the price
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