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I am trying to figure out what brand of speakers to go with. I have a sony DE875, and I am trying to find speakers that will work well, and sound well with this receiver. Looking under $1500, have looked at the KLH line, as well as Thiel, JBL (northridge), and some B&M. Please help. thanks

Looking under 1500? do able, but not for good sound...2500-3000 is more like it, depends on what you want....quality and sound are too different things...theil is too expensive for you as well to strong for for your sony to home recievers are no good unless you buy sony ES...they are ok..look to upgrade reciever to B&K or denon, or yamaha...going separates is better, but if you do go multichannel amp go for higher wattage...125 or more per channel......I have a speaker system for sale...check out my post B&W CDM
as for what you have now the jbl northridge is ok to use


needed t10-0208-10 whoofer' brand name kenwood

Give Energy, NHT, Paradigm, Mission, Mirrage, Monitor Audio a listen. I feel they make the best speakers per dollar. Especially Paradigm.

FLUANCE ALL THE WAY!! You wont regret getting Fluance, they are top-of-the-line speakers for their amazing price. In about 2 months Fluance is coming out with a powered subwoofer.

You can buy Fluance at for less than $200 for 5 speakers. They will be ok with your sony. You might not get better sound by spending $1500 on speakers, although a well chosen ones can, but you probably will be happy with the Fluance. With the money saved, perhaps you can look to upgrade the receiver to outlaw 1050 ($500) at

I need 2 Kenwood woofers, (T10-0208-10). Someone asked for the same ones back in March. Do you know where I can get them? Is there an equitable replacement that would work?

Best rated system under $1000 in the Stereophile Guide To Home Theater's 2003 recommended components guide was the Energy Take5.2 with the S8.2. To upgrade to ultimate sound upgrade sub to EXLS12 for $1299.99 for a really big room or S10.2 for $1099.99 for middle/bigger size rooms. Plenty of room for enhanced quality cables and maybe a new reciever.

i need help on finding out a price for Dahlton Loudspeakers KV2500 ti. because i went on the website for dahlton and they have no pirces and i need a price on these speakers, and where i can buy some and i was tryin to see if i could get costumer service. but on the web site they only tell you about the speakers and not how much!.

Anyone know how to unlock a Samsung V2500 DVD player?

Rudy, Elaine,

You're going way off topic. Not only is it rude to hijack someone else's post, but you're limiting the people who will read your post to just those who were interested in the initial question.

But as I'm here, Rudy, you buy Dahltons off the back of a white van apparently. Check some of the other posts about people thinking they've been conned.

Elaine, there are other threads here on this subject, try searching the boards. Alternatively, try googling the internet, or I'm pretty sure there's a magazine that regularly features remote hacks and website addresses. I think it's a UK title, but it could be available elsewhere, but I'm damned if I can remember its name.
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